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​UW-Stevens Point College Planning Presentations and Workshops


Finding Your Right Fit:

This workshop allows students to think about what it means to "find the right fit" in their college search. With your Career Coach/Admissions Counselor you will dive into questions like, "what should I be looking for?" "what questions should I be asking?" or simply "what does fit mean?" Our goal is to help guide students through their post secondary search and give them the tools they need to learn about all options.

Ideal Grade Levels: 10, 11, 12

ACP Component: EXPLORE: Post Secondary Education & Training Options


The Power of Social Media in College Admissions & Beyond:

Building Your Online Brand

Social media is everywhere. In this workshop, students will learn how to use their social media profiles for the better, while avoiding potential pitfalls. By thinking of their online identity as part of their brand, students will learn how to influence the decisions of college admissions personnel and future employers.

Ideal Grade Levels: 9, 10, 11


ACT Beginner's Guide

ACT 1-2-3

This presentation includes an overview of each section of the ACT exam, what to bring on test day, and explores how the ACT can be a valuable tool for students' futures.

Ideal Grade Levels: 10, 11


College Planning 101

A Guide for Juniors & Seniors

Planning ahead is an important part of preparing for college. During this session, we'll cover the college timeline for high school juniors & seniors, what it takes to be a competitive college applicant, and how to prepare for campus tours. We'll also go over questions every student should be asking of their prospective college and explore what happens after they've been accepted.

Ideal Grade Levels:
 10, 11

ACP Components: EXPLORE: Post Secondary Education & Training Options and PLAN: The Plan - High School


Essay Writing Made Easy

Let's face it, for many of us, writing the college admission essay can be intimidating. In this workshop, we'll share strategies for elevating your application package by telling a compelling story in your essay. We'll get down to basics, starting with how to begin crafting your essay, dos and don'ts, tips for reducing writing anxiety and how to develop the narrative behind your application and transcripts.

Ideal Grade Level:
 11, 12

ACP Component:
 EXPLORE: Post Secondary Education & Training Options


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