​Partnership for Thriving Communities

To thrive in the 21st century, a community needs a creative culture, an educated, vigorous society, robust economic growth, and a healthy, productive natural environment.
In order to fulfill its mission, UW-Stevens Point must become a new kind of public university. Based on our common values, the Partnership for Thriving Communities provides the framework through which the university will become more engaged with area stakeholders, more responsive to local needs, and more relevant to solving regional problems.

Thriving communities are vibrant, healthy, prosperous and sustainable. These four pillars in our Partnership for Thriving Communities each build on the university's existing academic strengths. they also allow us to become more purposeful in advancing learning, enhancing quality of life in our communities, and leveraging our precious resources.
Every student will find opportunities for real-world experience outside the classroom, whether locally, regionally, nationally, or globally. When combined with a broad education in the arts, humanities and the social and natural sciences, our graduates will be well equipped-as skilled employees, thoughtful citizens, and bold leaders-to serve their communities in meeting the key challenges of the twenty-first century.