Higher Learning Commission

April 20, 2021

2021 Interim Report Resource Room

This page serves as an electronic resource room for our HLC-requested Monitoring Report on (previous criterion) 5A: finances, including implementation of the strategic plan, enrollment data, and operational efficiencies.

This page contains two sets of materials:
The text (PDF) of our Monitoring Report: UW-Stevens Point 2021 Interim Report.pdf
The electronic appendices (see Appendix 1 through Appendix 16 below) that are cited within our Monitoring Report.

Appendix 1 Finances - 3-Year Reduction Plan.pdf
Appendix 2 Finances - Cost-Recovery Program Summary.pdf
Appendix 3 Finances - Activity-Based Academic Budgeting Model.pdf
Appendix 4 Finances - Department Budgeting Tool.pdf
Appendix 5 Finances - UW System Support.pdf
Appendix 6 Finances - Foundation Impact Report 2013-2019.pdf
Appendix 7 Finances - COVID Estimated Financial Impact thru 02.28.21.pdf
Appendix 8 Finances - NACUBO Scale for Charting CFI Performance.pdf
Appendix 9 Finances - Five-Year Financial Projections.pdf
Appendix 10 Finances - Financial Strategic Theme.pdf
Appendix 11 Planning - Planning Documents and Campus Feedback for Vision and Strategic Themes.pdf
Appendix 12 Planning - Purpose Made Possible - April 2020 Version.pdf
Appendix 13 Planning - Purpose Made Possible - April 2021 Refined Version.pdf
Appendix 14 Planning - Gantt Template Example from Finance Theme.pdf
Appendix 15 Operational Efficiencies - Board of Regents Authorization for College Restructuring - June 2020.pdf
Appendix 16 Operational Efficiencies - Program Statement for Albertson Hall Replacement.pdf