We are here to help you!

At UW-Stevens Point students are assigned a specific adviser to assist with academic and career planning, as well as provide guidance for any questions or concerns students may have during their undergraduate experience. You can see who your assigned adviser is within accesSPoint in your Student Center.

Current Students

To set up an appointment with your adviser in the Academic and Career Advising Center, call the main office at 715-346-3226 or use the Navigate app.  

Every effort will be made to schedule you for an appointment in a reasonable timeframe, but it is important to be proactive in scheduling with your adviser as you may not be able to get in immediately.

After you meet with your adviser, you can view your adviser's notes and recommendations in Navigate.   

For students that are assigned a faculty or departmental adviser, contact your faculty or departmental adviser for further instructions on how to set up an appointment.

Advising is a partnership!

Advising is most effective when the adviser and student partner together. This means your adviser will work closely with you to support you in developing and working towards your goals, but it is up to you to take ownership of your own education and experiences. 

Thinking about changing your major?

It is not unusual to question your current major path! In fact, the U.S. Department of Education National Center for Education Statistics finds that 33% of bachelor's degree pursurers who entered college in 2013-15 had changed their major at least one by 2016. And about one in 10 had changed majors twice.

ACAC advisers are here to help guide you in your major and career exploration! You can set up an appointment with your current or previously assigned professional adviser in the ACAC to discuss your interests and have a conversation regarding what major change might mean for your educational path.