Pointers Connect Internship (PCI) Program Facts for Students

Intern Jordan Suchomski

About the Program

If you're looking for hands-on experience in your field or a chance to learn what you can do with your major, the Pointers Connect Internship (PCI) Program is for you!

This program is designed to help you gain critical career skills and connect with non-profits and small businesses in Central Wisconsin.

Program Facts

  • 150 hours of paid work (spread out over 10-15 weeks)
  • $10/hour wages
  • Flexible scheduling – internships available fall, spring, and summer terms
  • Optional academic credit (with your department's approval)
  • Optional experiential learning activity (ELA) credit
  • Students can only complete one PCI experience
  • Employers may choose to offer additional hours or higher wages outside of PCI

Eligibility Requirements

Students must meet all the following requirements to participate:

  • Are currently enrolled at UWSP
  • Have junior or senior credit status (60+ credits earned)
  • Have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • Are either a first-generation, non-traditional, or Pell-eligible student

Finding an Internship

  • Meet with a Career Specialist to discuss what you're looking for.
  • Complete your UWSP Handshake profile at uwsp.joinhandshake.com and browse opportunities labeled Pointers Connect Internship Program
  • Watch your email for messages with links to PCI Program Internships
  • Questions – contact the PCI Coordinator (ucolinternships@uwsp.edu or 715-346-3226)

After an Employer Offers You a PCI Internship

  1. Complete a PCI contract (Internship contract if for credit)
  2. Have a great internship experience
  3. Complete the end of internship survey
  4. Meet with a Career Specialist for tips on how to add your experience to your resume