​Pay My Bill


STAR Webinar Recording - Paying Your Bill - A discussion presented by the staff of Financial Aid and Veteran Services and Student Financial Services 

 What Are My Payment Options (For Students and Other Payers)?

You can pay in person with cash, checks or money orders.

Checks and money orders should be payable to University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.  To ensure proper credit to your account, be sure to include your student ID number in the memo. 

Bring your check or money order payment to the Student Financial Services Office (Student Service Center 003) or send by mail to:

UW-Stevens Point
Student Financial Services
003 Student Service Center
1108 Fremont Street
Stevens Point WI 54481

If a check is returned by the bank as non-negotiable, the payment will be reversed and a $25.00 service charge will be assessed to your account.  Payment by NSF check will be treated as nonpayment of tuition and fees and a $75.00 administrative fee may be added to your account.   

You can pay with an e-check or credit card through your accesSPoint account.

Log into accesSPoint, select the Financial Account/Billing Tile, then choose Make a Payment from the side menu bar.

E-Checks - a free and convenient payment option!  To pay by e-check you will need to enter your checking or savings account number and the bank routing number.  Be sure to enter information accurately.  If the e-check is returned, the payment will be reversed and a $25.00 service charge will be assessed by Transact Payments.  Payment by NSF check will be treated as nonpayment of tuition and fees and a $75.00 administrative fee may be added to your account.

We accept MasterCard, VISA, Discover, American Express and JCB.  A 2.75% convenience fee is charged. (4.25% for international cards)

Payments must be received on or before the tuition due date to avoid late fees.

Students can also invite others to make online payments to their account.  

The same online payment options are accepted:  E-Check, MasterCard, VISA, Discover, American Express and JCB.  A 2.75% convenience fee is charged for all credit card and debit card payments. (4.25% for international cards)

For students to Send a Payer Invitation:

  • In accesSPoint, click on the Financial Account/Billing Tile
  • Select Make a Payment from the side menu bar
  • Select "Click to Pay"
  • Select Overview from the side menu bar
  • Scroll down and select "Send a Payer Invitation"
  • Complete the payer invitation and select " Send Invitation"
  • An email will be sent inviting the payer to sign up and be able to make payments to the student account
  • Instructions to complete their access will be sent in the email invitation

 When Is My Payment Due?

Each term has its own payment deadline and late fee schedule.  The Billing Dates & Deadlines are available on the Student Financials website.  If you do not pay in full by the first bill due date or do not enroll in the online payment plan, you will be assessed a $75.00 administrative fee and incur a 1% finance charge per month (12% APR).

 How Do I Enroll In A Payment Plan?

We have partnered with Transact Payments for tuition payment plans beginning with the Summer 2019 term.  The Summer plan consists of 3 installments, and the Fall and Spring semesters consist of 4 installments.   

There is a $50 fee to enroll which is due immediately to confirm enrollment in the plan.  Interest is not assessed when enrolled in the payment plan.

Transact Payments accounts are fully online and self-service for students and parents.  Credit or debit card transactions will charge a 2.75% convenience fee (4.25% for international cards).  Electronic check payments are at no additional cost.

Auto payment capability is available through your payment plan account on Transact Payments.

You can create separate "payer access" for access to the payment plan account on Transact Payments by setting up a Inviting a Payer to send payment.

For payment plan issues, you can contact Transact Payments directly at the Smart Pay Support line: 1-800-339-8131 or the Student Financial Services Office.

  • To enroll in a Payment Plan
  • Log into your accesSPoint account
  • Click "Financial Account/Billing" Tile
  • Click "Make a Payment"
  • Click the link that says "Click to Pay"
  • Under the Installment Payment Plans section, click enroll in a plan

If you enroll in a payment plan but you do not make installment payments by the due date, you will be subject to late fees assessed by UW-Stevens Point and Transact Payments separately. 

 What If My Employer Or An Agency Is Paying My Tuition?

If tuition and fees are being paid by an agency or employer, you must make certain they have provided an authorization letter to the Student Financial Services Office by the tuition due date.  The agency or employer will be billed directly for the tuition and fees they authorize.  Students who provide authorizations after the tuition due date are responsible for administrative fees and interest. 

An agency or employer will not be billed if payment is dependent on grades.  The student is responsible for payment of fees by the tuition due date and should seek reimbursement from the employer. 
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