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​​​​Fees Assessed on Student E-Bills

Administrative Fee

Be sure e-Bills are paid by the due dates. A finance charge of 1% per month (APR 12%) will appear on the students' e-Bill each period in which the entire balance is not paid in full by the payment due date. Additionally, if full payment is not received by the payment due date on the first eBill of the term, a $75.00 administrative service fee will be assessed.

Registration Fee

​Beginning the Spring 2019 term and each term after, students will be assessed a non-refundable $25.00 registration fee on your first electronic statement (e-Bill) of each term.  This fee is to cover administrative costs incurred as a student moves through the registration process. ​

Tuition Differential 

​Beginning the Fall 2016 term and each term after, all undergraduate degree-seeking students will be charged Tuition Differential.  This fee supports the centralized academic advising centers in each of the four colleges and allows greater student access to high-demand courses as enrollment fluctuations occur semester to semester.

​​Tuition Differential School of Health Science and Wellness (SHSW)​
Beginning the Fall 2023 term and each term after, students enrolled in any CLS, CSD, HD, FCS, FN and/or HSW level 200, 300, and/or 400 course will be assessed an additional $30.00 per credit Tuition Differential SHSW.  This additional tuition will support a new SHSW Student Success Center which will increase academic support, interprofessional activities, and opportunities for professional development and career preparation for SHSW students.  Student Government Association at UWSP and the Board of Regents at UW-System approved this differential tuition increase.

Distance Education Fee
Students registered for 100% online or virtual courses will be assessed a $50.00 per credit Distance Education Fee.  This fee supports the infrastructure that makes online learning possible; expenses that are not covered by regular tuition including:
  • Instructional design, instructor training, and media support
  • Technology and instructional resource support for students in online programs
  • Online extensions of student support​​​

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