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Office of the Registrar

Withdrawal from the University 

If you register for courses and then decide to withdraw from the University, contact the Enrollment Services Center or complete the Withdrawal Form to initiate the withdrawal procedure. You will need to provide a signed statement. "A student who voluntarily leaves the University at any time without completing the prescribed withdrawal procedures will be considered as still registered and will receive an F in each course in which enrolled."

Withdrawing from the University 

  • You should discuss the decision with your academic advisor or a college advisor.

  • Complete the Withdrawal from University Form/Exit Survey (can be found on the Enrollment Services Center website) and indicate the last date you participated in an academic function such as class, study group, or exam. This date will be your official date of withdrawal. All grades and financial functions will be processed based on this date.

  • Meet with an Enrollment Specialist at the Enrollment Services Center to review your withdrawal from the university. The Enrollment Specialist will review the academic, financial and financial aid issues associated with your decision. For students attending via distance education, this process may be completed electronically.

If you withdraw during the first eight days of the semester, only the date of withdrawal will appear on your transcript. After the eighth day and through the tenth week, you will receive a W for each course. After the tenth week you may withdraw with a valid reason for withdrawal such as serious illness, or personal issues that are clearly beyond your control. Requests to withdraw after the deadline must be directed to the Enrollment Services Center. If you withdraw from the University after the tenth week with a valid reason, grades of W will be assigned to your courses. You will receive grades for courses completed prior to your withdrawal and you are responsible for any costs associated with those classes.
Grades of W received due to withdrawing from school are NOT counted in the four W limit. 
Students without a valid reason for dropping after the tenth week will receive a grade of F. If you stop attending school and do not officially withdraw, you will receive an F for those courses in which you are still registered and will be responsible for the related tuition and fees.  Repeated occurrences of W may affect your ability to maintain standards of academic progress and may jeopardize your financial aid eligibility. See Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid in the Finances section of the catalog to determine the effect of courses not successfully completed. Withdrawal deadlines for courses that meet less than the full term can be viewed on the Enrollment Services Center website.