​​Public Administration and Policy Analysis Major

Public Administration and Policy Analysis is an interdisciplinary program, offering both a major and a minor, administered by the Political Science Department. It is designed for students interested in public service (federal, state, or local) or graduate education in this area. For the major students take a program consisting principles, such as public policy theory and policy, public administration, and economics; functional area courses, such as budget, personnel, and administrative law; and analysis courses, such as Methods of Policy Analysis and Statistics. Majors also must take 9 credits in a specialized area--public policy, planning, human resources (personnel), natural resources/environmental administration, and public finance. All students are encouraged to complete an internship as part of their program.
To be admitted and retained as a major, and to be accepted for graduation, a student must have a grade point ratio of 2.50 or higher in courses taken within the major regardless of declaration of academic bankruptcy.
  1. Government (6 cr.)
  2. Principles (9 cr.)
  3. Functional Areas (9 cr.)
  4. Tools of Analysis (7 cr.)
  5. Elective Areas (9 cr.)
  • Public Policy
  • Public Planning
  • Human Resources administration
  • Natural Resources and the Environment
  • Public Finance Administration
Click here for the UWSP Course Catalog entry for the Public Administration and Policy Analysis Major.

Four Year Sequence

Freshman Year
Fall I
Pol. 101 or Pol. 202 3 cr
General Education / Electives 12 cr
Spring I
Pol. 101 or Pol. 202; Pol 242 or Pol. 250 6 cr
General Education / Electives 9 cr

Sophomore Year
Fall II
Pol. 242 or Pol. 250; Econ. 110 6 cr
General Education / Electives 9 cr
Spring II
Pol. 356 or Econ. 311; 3 credits PA/PA electives 6 cr
General Education / Electives1 9 cr
1A student is required to take 9 credits of electives from an approved list. See the catalog or the department handbook for a list of the approved electives

Junior Year
Fall III
Pol. 354; Math 355 or Psych 300 or Soc 3512 7 cr
General Education/Electives 8 cr
Spring III
Pol. 358 or Pol 450; Pol. 397 6 cr
General Education/Electives/Second major or minor 9 cr
2Math 355, Psych 300, and Soc 351 are statistics courses. Your statistics course must be completed before you take Pol. 397 a course required in the major.

Senior Year
Fall IV
PA/PA elective3, Internship4 7 cr
General Education/Electives/Second major or minor 8 cr
Spring IV
Pol 397 if not completed in Junior year5, PA/PA elective6 3-6 cr
General Education / Electives (or courses for Second Major / Minor) 9-12 cr
3See note 1 from Spring Semester Sophomore Year

4An internship is not required in the PA/PA major, but it is strongly recommended. A student may complete that internship in either of the semesters of his/her senior year.

5Pol. 397 is a limited enrollment course which might be closed before a Junior major could register for it. A Senior major is guaranteed access to the course

6See note 2 from Spring Semester Junior Year