Parking Information - Faculty/Staff

Parking on the UWSP campus is by permit only except in metered areas with proper payment. Space for parking is limited and restricted and there is a charge to purchase a permit. A parking permit serves as permission to park and does not guarantee a parking space. The university is not responsible for damage to a vehicle or its contents while parked on campus. Parking is not allowed in restricted or reserved areas. Motorcycle parking only in cycle stalls April 1st - Nov 1st.

Obtaining a parking permit on campus is a two-step process for Faculty/Staff; WAITLIST sign-up and PERMIT PURCHASE. Lot assignments of parking spaces are based on continuous seniority-of-service at UWSP and require a waitlist signup by August 1st each year. Faculty/staff can select two waitlist options; first choice lot & second choice lot. The PERMIT PURCHASE step begins in early August after the seniority WAITLIST lot assignment is completed. Your waitlist lot assignment reservation will be held for a two-week period for you to purchase your permit. If you have not purchased a permit in that timeframe, the reservation will be released to the next senior person on the list. Second semester parking permit sales begin in early January.

Waitlist Signup Link - Add/Edit Waitlists

Permit payment options:

* Cash/check in Parking Services office
* Credit/debit card online
* Payroll deduction available through Sept. online (staff paid monthly can select 1 full or 5 partial payments, staff paid bi-weekly can select 1, 5 or 10 payments) Payroll deduction option not available after Sept. 1st. No partial refund on Payroll deduction payments for permits; pre-tax and non-refundable. (If on campus for fall semester only, pay for permit with cash, check, credit or debit card to apply for a 40% permit refund at end of fall term.) 

Faculty/staff parking permit applications received after August 1st are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. 
To be included in the seniority-based parking assignment, submit your parking lot waitlist options by Aug 1st each year.

Faculty/Staff Parking Lot Options: Lot A, D, E, F, H, K, R, S, V and Z
Combination Staff/Student Lot: Lot W
Combination Staff/Meter Lot: Lot T
  • 2015-2016 vehicle hangtag: $136.00
  • Second semester vehicle hangtag: $82.00 (semester permits for sale starting Jan. 6th)
  • Summer vehicle permit: $34.00 (summer permits for sale starting May 20th)
  • Motorcycle permit (available in Parking Office only): $68.00, $41.00, $17.00
  • 2015-2016 parking hangtags are required one week prior to start of the academic year
Disabled Campus Permits - Faculty and staff with a DOT issued disabled permit can purchase a university disabled parking permit upon receipt of a copy of your disabled hangtag or plate. Vehicle plates must be registered to applicant. CAMPUS disabled parking permits issued by Parking Services will allow parking in campus designated "Handicap-Campus Permit Required" stalls, in campus meter stalls without payment, and in any permit stall when the "Handicap-Campus Permit Required"stalls are full.
If you have a need for a temporary handicap permit to park closer - please check with the WI Department of Motor Vehicle website for application info: - Parking Services staff is not medically qualified to determine handicap eligibility. 

L-permit is an after-2pm parking permit allowing students, faculty and staff to park in any regular parking stall (with the exception of Lots H, F, Z & meters) after 2pm. The L-permit does not allow for overnight parking.
Faculty/Staff Motorcycle Stalls - open Apr 1st-Nov 1st
(Motorcycle permits purchased in Parking office only - not available online.) 
     Lot A – east side of Old Main
     Lot D – north/west corner
     Lot E – north/west corner
     Lot R – Reserve entrance, north/east corner
     Lot T – south/west corner
     Lot W – north/west corner
Faculty/staff with a valid parking hangtag for a specific lot can park in non-restricted lots after 3pm - faculty/staff parking hangtags are valid in most faculty/staff lots after 3pm; license call-in is not required. Restricted lots: F, H and Z.
Faculty/staff with a valid parking hangtag for a specific lot can occasionally request alternate lot parking privileges - with a license plate and location call-in notification. (Parking not allowed at meter stalls without payment.)

Alternate Parking Lot Notification - Faculty/Staff can login & submit their vehicle license plate # for occasional parking in an alternate staff lot on the After Hours Parking form or call Parking Services at 715-346-3900 to provide license plate # and alternate lot parked in.