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How can I pay my citation & what are the consequences if I don't pay my citation?
Citation payment can be made online with credit or debit card, in the Parking Services Office with cash or check, via the U.S. Mail (postage required) with check, through Campus Mail (no postage needed), or deposited into the PURPLE fine boxes located in each parking lot. (The yellow/green fine boxes are for citations issued by the Stevens Point Police Department.)

Citations not paid within 21 days of issue date will accrue late fees. A courtesy email/letter is sent out 14 days from citation date and a final notice sent 30 days from issue date indicating non-payment consequences. Non-payment of citation 40 days after issue date results in either an amount transfer to the student bill or an additional fee applied and owner vehicle license registration suspension notice sent to the WI Department of Registration.
How much time do I have to pay my citation?
Pay your citation or appeal the within 21 days of issue date. (Fine escalation amount and date is noted on your citation.) Citation amounts will escalate if not paid within 21 days of the issue date. Prompt payment prevents citation amount owing escalation, notification letters being sent to the registered owner and/or registration suspension at the DMV.
Can I contest or appeal my citation?
Citations may be appealed before the due date and after payment. Appeal forms are available from the Parking Services Office; however, your citation payment must be made prior to filing an appeal. (Some citations are not appealable; i.e. Meter, Handicapped stall parking and Fire Zone violations.) The appeal is reviewed by the Appeals Committee; comprised of university faculty, staff, and students. The committee can uphold, reduce, or void the citation. 
How can I avoid getting parking citations?
Purchase and display the appropriate parking permit
Hang the permit from your inside rear-view mirror while parked in a campus lot
View the campus map to verify where your permit is valid
Put enough money in parking meters to cover all the time you may need
Allow enough time to get to and from your class
Read and follow instructions on signs
Notify Parking Services office when unusual circumstances are encountered - Phone: 715-346-3900 or email:
Why are parking citations issued?
Citations issued for "No Valid Permit", "Expired Meter", etc. are a matter of fairness to students, staff and others that have purchased a parking permit or paid meter fees and as an incentive to comply with campus parking regulations. Parking Services is responsible for maintaining safe and orderly conditions for traffic and pedestrian movement on campus. Vehicles cannot be allowed to restrict the movement of normal traffic or emergency vehicles.



How much are the meters and what is the maximum parking time?
University meters are $0.75 per hour ($0.25 for 20 minutes). 12-hour maximum meters are located in Lot R, Lot X and Lot Y; 4-hour maximum meters in Lots F-East, F-West, G, V and Z. 

I parked at a meter that was malfunctioning (i.e. did not accept coins, screen blank, FAIL, etc.) what can I do?
You can continue to park at the meter, but you MUST call Parking Services, 715-346-3900 and report the meter number, problem, and your license plate number to prevent a citation from being issued. An officer will be sent out to fix meter. 

Are metered areas enforced 24-7?
Meters are enforced Monday-Friday 6am-7pm. Meters are open Monday-Friday 7pm-2am and on weekends. Parking is prohibited in metered areas every night, 2am-6am - no overnight parking allowed. (Notes on vehicles at meters are not honored in lieu of a permit.) Parking in disabled stalls, fire zones, UW vehicle stalls, specifically reserved stalls, loading zones, and no parking areas (including the grass and sidewalks) is restricted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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