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Library Resources 380 (LRES 380)

Initial Contact:
Dave Dettman 
Office: CCC 421 • Phone: 346-4206 

Contact for information regarding an internship with an emphasis on the University Libraries Archives:
Kyle Neill 
Office: ALB 520A • Phone: 346-3893 

Course Catalog Description

LRES 380. Internship in Academic Librarianship (1-3 cr.)

Prereq: Instructor Consent 

Course Description: Supervised field experience in the UWSP library or archives. Credits are determined by the time spent on course-related activities and nature of assigned tasks (1-3).

Required Readings: These will vary with the emphasis of each internship.

Course Requirements and Policies

Internship Project

This will vary with the emphasis of each internship but should include project specifics and the number of hours required of the intern.


  • 1 credit requires 3 hours/week, for a total of 45 hours in a 15-week semester
  • 2 credits require 5 hours/week, for a total of 75 hours in a 15-week semester
  • 3 credits require 7 hours/week, for a total of 105 hours in a 15-week semester

Discussion Participation

We will meet weekly, or as needed, to discuss the assigned readings and how you are applying them to your project.


Paper options are detailed by individual instructors and vary by internship.

Final Grade (these can vary according to the instructor)

  • Discussion Participation
  • Satisfactory Completion of Internship Project
  • Satisfactory Completion of Internship Hours
  • Other


Attendenace requirements will be outlined in the syllabus.

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