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​LRES 150 -- Critical Approaches to Information Research (3-credits / graded )

Spring 2022

Section 1 (In-Person 16 weeks)*

Instructor: Dave Dettman 
Office: ALB 104A • Phone: 346-4206 • Email:
Syllabus: Available on Canvas one week before class starts. Please contact the instructor if you have any questions about the course. 

Catalog Description: Effective use of information resources and services in a variety of academic disciplines and professions. Topics include information cycle and timeline; comparing, contrasting, and selecting information resources; types and characteristics of information sources; effective information research planning; search techniques, evaluation criteria, disinformation, and ethical use of information.

Course Learning Outcomes:

● Cultivate and apply searching skills in order to retrieve and use information in academic and other contexts.

● Critically analyze information in order to evaluate quality, relevance, authority, and purpose.

● Explore and analyze the value of information in order to use it effectively in college and in the workplace (both monetary value and value
   in society).

● Understand the concept and process of structured academic controversy and be able to explore an issue and use credible sources to construct
   an argument map both individually and as part of a group (i.e., learning communities)

● Use information ethically

*When taught In-Person this class moves to different locations throughout the semester. Please consult your syllabus or check the syllabus posted on the instructor's office door.

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