Julie Tharp


English, American Indian Studies
(715) 389-6514
Dr. Julie Tharp is a professor of English with courses in Composition, Multicultural Literature, Women's Studies, Film Studies, and lots of other areas. She has a deep interest in global film, cuisine, and travel. As a Fulbright recipient in 2001, she taught at the National University of Singapore. She has taken students to Ireland, studied in Mexico, taught at the Wisconsin in Scotland program, and taught in Hangzhou, China.  In 2016 she received a six month Fulbright fellowship to do research in Mumbai, India on Bollywood film.

Her Dinner and a Movie class in Continuing Education is her passion and hobby. She has provided dinners and classes on over eighty films.


This Giving Birth: Pregnancy and Childbirth in American Women's Writing, eds. Susan MacCallum-Whitcomb and Julie Tharp

Creating Safe Space: Violence and Women's Writing, eds. Tomoko Kuribayashi and Julie Tharp

Erdrich's Crusade: Sexual Violence and The Round House. Studies in American Indian Literature.

When the Body is Your Own: Feminist Film Criticism and the Horror Genre. Nexxus.

Windigo Ways: Eating and Excess in Louise Erdrich's The Antelope Wife. American Indian Culture and Research Journal

Food, Film and Friendship. The Projector.

and others!


B.S. Mankato State University
M.A. Mankato State University
Ph.D. University of Minnesota; Fulbright Scholar


​Women and violence, Violence in mass media, Multiculturalism, Global perspectives, Women's writing, Native American literature and film