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Academic Advising is an important part of your college experience. All UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield students are assigned to a faculty or staff academic advisor. Your academic advisor assignment can be found in your accesSPoint account.

Your academic adviser can help you:

  • Explore academic and career goals
  • Select classes for major exploration and degree completion
  • Find academic resources
  • Learn how to use accesSPoint
  • Learn about transferring or transitioning to UW-Stevens Point

    You should plan on meeting with your academic adviser at least once a semester. It is highly recommended that you schedule a meeting with your adviser prior to registering for classes for the upcoming semester.

Scheduling a Meeting

While your academic advisor may have posted office hours, it is in your best interest to schedule an appointment. If your academic advisor is located in the Solution Center, please call the front desk at 715-389-6530 to schedule an appointment. If you have been assigned to a faculty advisor, please contact that faculty member directly either by phone or e-mail Adviser Jen Lowe at  

Before Your Appointment

  • Review the associate’s degree requirements.
  • Explore the online course schedule.
  • You are required to bring a list of possible classes for the following semester.
  • Print a copy of your unofficial transcript and bring it to the appointment.
  • Bring a list of questions or topics you want to discuss with your advisor.

If you cannot make it to your scheduled appointment, call your adviser to reschedule. Other students are also trying to get in for appointments, so please be considerate and call if you need to reschedule.

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