Registration and Enrollment

Congratulations on your admission! We are excited to have you as a student on our campus! Check out the new student resources and information.

Take your Next Steps to Success!

Now that you have been admitted, you must complete the following steps in the enrollment process.

  1. Placement Tests
    • Please plan to take your placement tests at least two weeks prior to your advising and registration date, or before meeting with your advisor. View complete placement test information.
    • Placement tests are required of all new, incoming students who have not yet completed college level English, mathematics or foreign language coursework. If you have taken Advanced Placement (AP), concurrent enrollment or Cooperative Academic Partnership Program (CAPP) coursework during high school, please contact Solution Center for clarification on which tests are needed.
    • Transfer students may not be required to take the tests if they have completed college level coursework that provides an indication of the level of mathematics, writing or foreign language already successfully accomplished. Contact your advisor for more information.

  2. Student Transition, Advising and Registration (STAR)
    • This session is focused on the "need-to-know" information for new freshman.
    • Receive your placement results, understand degree requirements and ultimately, work with advisors to schedule classes.
    • An email will be sent to you with available dates.

  3. Welcome Day

    • The last step in the new student orientation process!
    • Get oriented to campus. Learn about campus resources and student life opportunities (clubs, organizations, athletics and more!)
    • Meet new people and have fun.

Register for Classes

See the registration and enrollment information specifically for new students, continuing students or returning students as well as information on registration and enrollment policies.

New Students

Advising and registration sessions are for new students who have completed their placement test (or are registered to take the tests). This event is an opportunity to work with an academic advisor and register for your classes.

Check your campus email for the “admitted/new students next steps invite" for the link to register for an advising and registration session. Also, please continue to check your campus email for other steps in the admission process, including orientation. For placement testing and other admissions information see the new student resources and information.

Continuing Students

Continuing students will be assigned registration appointments based on the number of credits already earned. Priority registration appointments can be found through accesSPoint about two weeks before registration opens (Fall: second Wednesday of April and Spring: second Wednesday of November).

In order to select and get into all of the classes you want, we recommend that students register as early as possible during the published times.

To register for classes:

  1. Review the course schedule and develop a tentative set of courses.
  2. Discuss class choices and academic plan with an advisor.
  3. Check accesSPoint for your appointment time during the priority enrollment period. 
  4. Register for courses online using accesSPoint.

Returning Students

Have you attended in the past but taken a semester or more off? Follow these steps to register for classes:

  1. Re-fill out the UW System Application.
  2. Log on to your campus email and accesSPoint account to track your admissions status. Your username and password should have remained unchanged. If you forgot either, use the “password reset” page link on the accesSPoint log-in screen to recover both.
  3. After you have been re-admitted, follow the steps to register as a continuing student above.

Registration and Enrollment Policies