Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT): Financial Information

DPT Program
The UW-Stevens Point Doctor of Physical Therapy program was designed using what is called a cost recovery model. In this model students are charged a flat fee per credit of $540.00, instead of tuition.

The cost recovery model has several benefits. One of the benefits is that students are charged the same fee per credit whether an in-state or out-of-state resident. Another benefit is that the fees return to the program, allowing the DPT program to provide an excellent educational experience and control costs. 

As everyone is aware student debt load has become a serious issue, the cost recovery model allows the UWSP DPT program to be a good return on investment for graduate students looking to become a doctor of physical therapy. 

The current fee structure is planned to remain at $540.00 per credit through 2024, so the total program costs estimates linked here should be a reliable estimate for students entering the program in 2022.  

Student Costs ​Year 1
Year 2 Year 3​ ​Total
​Tuition (public in-state, private)* ​$24,840 ​$22,680 ​$12,960 $60,480​
Tuition (public out-of-state)*
​NOTE: There is no out-of-state differential applied to students ​
$24,840 ​$22,680 ​$12,960 $60,480
​Required textbooks ​$500 $500​ $500​ $1,500​
​Program fees ​$500 -​ -​
​Institutional fees ​$3,440 $3,440​ $1,977​ $8,857​
​Average adjusted cost of living expenses ​$11,470 $11,470​ $7,647​ $30,587
​Average clinical education costs ​$200 $200 $200​ $600​
​Total ​$40,950 $38,290 $23,284 $102,524​

*$500 refundable deposit is required to secure a place in the program. The deposit will be applied to the first semester tuition.

Note: Total clinical education costs is dependent on placement choice, but average total clinical education costs range from $1,000-$2,000.

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