Meet Local Growers supplying the CPS Café

Meet Our Local Producers

The CPS Café, as part of the School of Health Promotion and Human Development, is committed to providing a food-service operation focused on sustainable practices with a social responsibility to the environment and community fostered through partnerships with local farmers and area businesses. Local sourcing shortens the distance that our food travels, supports local economy and strengthens local foodways.

In September 2019, the CPS Café purchased more than 643 pounds of locally grown or produced foodstuffs. Our partnership with local producers supports the growing movement to revitalize local foodways and support small farmers. Their expertise has helped create an awareness and appetite for high quality local produce, meats and dairy products. Our search for sustainable products has helped to encourage large food suppliers like Sysco, Reinhart and Indianhead Foodservice to source more regional products, helping to futher the CPS Café’s mission.

CPS Café Mission

CPS Café operates as a food-service business, open to the public, for the purpose of giving dietetics students experience in all aspects of food-service operation and management. The goal of the CPS Café is to provide homemade healthful food from local, sustainable farms and to manage production in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our Providers

ProducersGravel Road Farm is a small scale farm located in Waupaca. Owners Ross and Brigid Ferkett focus their practices on a mission to create agriculture products in a way that causes minimal impact on the natural environment. They provide the CPS Café with fruits and vegetables including tomatoes, eggplants, watermelon, cantaloupe and fresh herbs.

January Farms located in Sharon is owned and operated by Kim Beckham. January Farms produces all natural, chemical free greenhouse herbs and lettuces as well as open pollinated tomatoes, fruits and vegetables. Kim provides the CPS Café with fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, squash, potatoes, egg plants, cabbage, greens, herbs, apples and strawberries.

New Roots Coffee Companylocated in Ringle offers the CPS Café specialty coffees roasted with expertise. Joseph Zimmerman, owner and roast master, sources coffee from emerging coffee origins around the world. The idea is that paying fair prices for quality coffee supports and rewards small coffee farmers for their sweat, passion and expertise.

Raikowski Farm raises quality food using natural practices they offer custom meats and sell them by the cut. Located in Junction City. Sara and Larry Raikowski provide the CPS Café with grass-raised beef, pastured pork fed a local grain mix, bacon and chicken.

Tapped Maple Syrup LLC, located in Antigo crafts infused, barrel-aged and pure maple syrup from sustainably managed forests in Northern Wisconsin. This operation is owned by Abi and Jeremy Solin, but family operated with generations of the Solin family partaking in the syrup making process. Their use of high quality ingredients produces rich, delicious, unique flavors of syrup for the CPS Café to utilize.

Waupaca’s Dancing Bear Apiary is a small, family business owned and operated by Kent and Bernadette Pegorsch. Dancing Bear Apiary has been collecting and bottling Wisconsin honey since 1976, offering the CPS Café pure, raw, unfiltered honey straight from the bees. They work to handle their honey from “hive to bottle” to maintain a rich, tasty and nutritious honey.

Whitefeather Organics is a family farm located in Custer with a focus on healthy soil, healthy water and healthy people. Their mission is to be an environmentally sensitive, local, healthy and sustainable option for the community. Tony and Laura Whitefeather provide the CPS Café with fresh, certified organic produce including onions, pumpkins, microgreen, squash, potatoes and zucchini.

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