Master of Business Administration (MBA): Courses and Schedules

Curriculum Focus

The UW-Stevens Point MBA curriculum will help you apply business administration principles and interpret regional economic indicators, policies and trends.

Number of Credits

The 36-credit MBA and includes 24 credits of core classes, 9 credits of elective classes or internship credits and 3 professional development credits.

Class Timing and Format

Courses are offered on our Stevens Point, Marshfield and Wausau campuses as mostly 8-week hybrid classes that include a mix of in-person and online sessions.


Applied Leadership Core Courses​ ​- 15 credits required
BUS 710 - Financial Leadership through Applied Decision-Making ​3 cr.
BUS 720 - Marketing Leadership through Applied Decision-Making ​3 cr.
BUS 730 - Managerial Leadership through Applied Decision-Making ​3 cr.
BUS 740 - Effective Communication in Business Leadership ​3 cr.
BUS 750 - Applied Data Analytics in Business Leadership ​3 cr.
​Total ​15 cr.


Wisconsin-Specific Leadership Courses ​- 9 credits required
BUS 760 - Analysis of Economic Conditions for Business in Wisconsin ​3 cr.
BUS 770 - Analysis of Economic Development in Wisconsin or Regional and International Growth Opportunities in Wisconsin ​3 cr.
BUS 780 - Wisconsin Leadership Seminar ​3 cr.
​Total  9 cr.


 Professional Development Courses ​- 3 credits required
BUS 701 - Professional Leadership Development: Group and Individual Assessment 1 cr.
BUS 702 - Professional Leadership Development: Mastering Resilience and High Performance ​1 cr.
BUS 703 - Professional Leadership Development: Leading Across Boundaries and Values ​1 cr.
​Total 3 cr.


Elective, Internship and Research Courses - 9 credits required
​BUS 529 - Project Management​3 cr.
​BUS 575 - Advanced Spreadsheet Application​3 cr.
BUS 731 - Creative, Critical and Design Thinking 3 cr.
BUS 732 - NeuroLeadership: Mastering Resilience and High Performance 3 cr.
​BUS 751 - Data Visualization for Decision-Making​3 cr.
​BUS 752 - Data Mining Methods for Business Leaders​3 cr.
​BUS 790 - Special Topics in Business Administration​3 cr.
​BUS 795 - Graduate Internship in Business Administration1-9 cr.
​BUS 796 - Graduate Research in Business Administration 1-9 cr.
​Total 9 cr.



MBA courses are offered as mostly 8-week hybrid courses that include a mix of in-person and online sessions.

​Full-Time Course Schedule​Part-Time Course Schedules
Full-time students will typically have classes 2 times per week on Tuesday and Thursday between 4-8 pm.Part-time students will typically have classes 1 time per week on either Tuesday or Thursday between 4-8 pm.
Graduation Plan for Full-Time Study on the Stevens Point campusPart-Time 1: Graduation Plan for Part-Time Study on the Marshfield and Stevens Point campuses

Part-Time 2: Graduation Plan for Part -Time Study on the Wausau and Stevens Point campuses
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