Frequently Asked Questions from Employers on School of Business and Economics Internships

SBE Internship Director
The School of Business and Economics (SBE) at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has majors in accounting, business administration, data analytics, finance, economics, management and marketing. While each student takes electives suited to their area of interest, all SBE students meet and maintain above average grade point averages. SBE majors complete core courses in economics, accounting, marketing, production and management information systems. They are eager to get “real world” experience and apply their coursework to a business setting.

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I do not have a formal internship program, what do I need to do to create an internship?
If you have work that needs to be done an intern can help! Our students are good at administrative tasks, data analysis and problem-solving. Many are able to provide ideas on how to use social media strategies. Students also have skills using Excel and other software tools. You simply need a job description; you can then post your position on Handshake. We use target messaging to reach selected groups of our majors. Contact Sue Kissinger in the Academic and Career Advising Center at or 715-346-4557.
Why should I hire an SBE intern?
Our upper-level students are well-prepared and hard-working. You can “test out” an intern’s ability and work ethic before making a formal offer. Your organization will also get increased visibility by partnering with SBE.
When is the best time to hire an intern?
Students usually sign up for internship credits over the summer. Having a position posted by early March allows for you to recruit and interview potential students. However, some students prefer a part-time option during the school year. Bottom line: you can hire an intern to match your business needs.
What if I want an intern to work full-time?
Many students are available full-time in the summer. However, if the student is willing to work full-time during the school year, he or she can enroll in the equivalent of 12 credits to maintain full-time student status. We can work this through internship credits and independent study credits. For part-time positions students will often need to work around their classes but often are available for 15-20 hours per week.
What work is there on my part as the employer?
Aside from normal training for a new employee, all the student intern needs is a simple performance evaluation at the end of the internship. Most employers use their standard performance form.
What about college credits and internships?
SBE majors can complete a three-credit elective while working in an internship. The student does the paperwork for this course and you do not have any additional work. Most students find that working in an internship while earning credits increases the value of the work experience and helps them connect their courses to the workplace.
Do I have to pay an intern?
Most for-profit businesses are required by law to provide some form of compensation. Your business may qualify for reimbursement of internship wages paid to students who qualify for UWSP’s Pointers Connect Internship Program.
What about non-profits and volunteer interns?
We have had great success with our students in volunteer settings. These positions need to allow the students to apply his or her course of study to the workplace. Your non-profit organization may qualify for reimbursement of internship wages paid to students who qualify for our Pointers Connect Internship Program. The Anderson Classroom to Career Center also provides a limited number of scholarships to students who complete internships at non-profit organizations. Contact our Internship Director, Prof. Ricardo Boeing at for more info.
Can the SBE select an intern for me?
While we can get the word out about your opportunity to our students, we do not match students to employers.

How do I hire an intentional student as an intern?
The employer doesn't need to do anything differently. The international student would need to apply for a CPT (Curricular Practical Training) or OPT(Optional Practical Training) through the university to work as an intern. There is no employer cost associated with hiring an international student as an intern, other than compensation.

When could I hire an intentional student?
International students could take internships with CPT starting from their second academic year until before graduation. Or international students could take internships with OPT within 12 months (36 months for Science, Technology, Math and Engineering students) from their graduation.
How can I get more information?
Contact Prof. Ricardo Boeing, SBE internship director, at 715-346-2384​ or