RN to BSN Completion Program

(We anticipate students will soon be able to enroll in this program)

This degree is intended for students holding either the Associate’s Degree in Nursing or a Diploma in Nursing. Students are granted the BSN from UW-Stevens Point and are therefore subject to its graduation requirements. The UW-Stevens Point provides all student-related services (advising, financial aid, registration, etc.). The UW-Stevens Point BSN completion program is seeking accreditation from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing and is approved by the Wisconsin State Board of Nursing.

UW-Stevens Point BSN Completion Degree  

Coursework will prepare registered nurses for leadership roles and broaden theoretical understanding and clinical skills for caring for patients in various acute, community, and ambulatory health settings. Students will increase skills of technology and communication while gaining a greater appreciation for the interdisciplinary aspect of nursing practice. 

Nursing courses

Students may register for nursing courses offered locally in face-to-face or hybrid formats and we anticipate we will soon be able to enroll in courses (fully online)  from the BSN@Home internet-based website.

Program Assistance

Students will be assigned an advisor who will assist them in planning their program and be available for ongoing advising. Students are encouraged to check their email accounts regularly for notifications, personal correspondence, and updates from their advisors.
Campus Option
Admissions Process