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Health, Behavior, and Society Minor

The Health, Behavior, and Society minor will broaden your understanding of the complex social factors that influence the health of human beings. Courses in the minor examine the social, cultural, psychological, economic, political, and ethical factors affecting health behavior, status and delivery. In addition, this minor will prepare you for graduate training and careers in a number of allied health fields, such as public health and hospital administration, health planning and health education, and environmental and global health.
The Health, Behavior, and Society minor consists of 21 credits

Prerequisites (Not included in credit for the minor)
PSYC 110 - Introduction to Psychology (3 cr.)
SOC 101 - Introduction to Sociology (3 cr.)

Required core, 9 credits
POLI 306 Health Politics and Policies (3 cr.) 
PSYC 385 Health Psychology (3 cr.) 
SOC 367 Social Epidemiology (3 cr.)
Electives, 12 credits (No more than 6 credits in one discipline)
ANTH 380 Medical Anthropology (3 cr.) 
ECON 324 Health Economics (3 cr.) 
HIST 206 Medicine in World History (3 cr.) 
PHIL 302 Ethics and Medicine (3 cr.) 
PSYC 290 Psychoactive Drugs and Behavior (3 cr.) 
PSYC 351 Abnormal Psychology (3 cr.) 
REL 307 Religion and Health (3 cr.)
SW 381 Death, Dying, Grief and Loss (3 cr.)
SW 383 Substance Abuse Disorders: Assessment and Interventions (3 cr.)
SW 385 Social Work and Mental Health (3 cr.)
SOC 306 Social Aspects of Substance Abuse (3 cr.) 
SOC 308 Sociology of Medicine (3 cr.) 
SOC 368 Sociology of Mental Health (3 cr.) 

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