​Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT): Vision, Values, Goals

Visioning Committee

Vision Statement 

To transform societal health through physical therapy education by creating professionals who collaborate to serve the evolving, diverse needs of our communities.

Core Values Statements

In order to demonstrate excellence and professionalism in all aspects of the UWSP Doctor of Physical Therapy program we value:
  • Social Responsibility and Advocacy: Promote mutual trust between community members and the profession of physical therapy to maximize societal health and well-being
  • Collaboration: Serve our local communities by working with others to accomplish mutual goals
  • Innovation: Utilize novel methods to transform education, physical therapy and deliver health care solutions for Central and Northern Wisconsin
  • Stewardship: Benefit the community through sustainable investment of time and resources
  • Engagement: Integrate students, faculty and program with the community
  • Diversity: Promote awareness of and responsiveness to the different needs of students and our communities
  • Educational Accessibility: Provide competency-based education integrating technology to ensure students have access to the curriculum

Program Goals

To execute its vision of transforming societal health by meeting the needs of our communities, the DPT program will:
  1. Recruit, develop and graduate innovative comprehensive practitioners uniquely prepared to meet the needs of rural communities
  2. Demonstrate leadership to advance rural health through innovative education, practice and research
  3. Provide sustainable educational activities and collaborations with academic, clinical and community partners

Faculty Goals

To execute its vision of transforming societal health by meeting the needs of rural communities, the DPT program faculty will:
  1. Be actively engaged in professional and community service
  2. Engage in evidence-based clinical physical therapist practice
  3. Be effective teachers, responsive to our students, university, and communities
  4. Faculty will conduct research that addresses societal health in our communities

Student Goals

To execute its vision of transforming societal health by meeting the needs of rural communities, entry-level DPT program graduates will:
  1. Demonstrate competence as a direct access practitioner
  2. Demonstrate effective communication skills among diverse patient populations, professions, and community sectors to provide patient centered and socially responsible care
  3. Demonstrate professionalism in physical therapist practice consistent with university and APTA core values

These statements reflect the work of the Visioning Workshop held July 16, 2018, followed with a Delphi process to facilitate consensus which finalized Nov. 5, 2018. 
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