Adapted Physical Education Add-On License: Required Courses

The following courses are required to complete an add-on license to teach adapted physical education (860). If you have further questions, please reach out to Tim Wright at 715-346-4822 or

​CoursesSemester Credits
​PEX 415/615: Advanced Assessment and Prescription in Adapted Physical Education​Fall Only
3 Hybrid
​PEX 445/740: Advanced Seminar in Adapted Physical Education​Spring Only
3 ​Hybrid
*PEX 400: Physical Education for Individuals with Disabilities
Prereq: Con reg in 401; and P ED 200, 201, 331; admission to School of Education.
​Variable ​3​?
​*EDUC 351 or EDUC 755: Teaching Children and Youth with Exceptional Needs in the General/Regular Classroom
Practicum is required. Prereq: Psych 110

​Summer Only
*In-person options available different semesters

*Most undergraduate physical education degree programs require 3 credits of adapted physical education (UWSP PEX 400, 401) and 3 credits of intro to special needs in the regular classroom (UWSP EDUC 351).

** If you have taken these courses as an undergraduate they will be applied to your add-on preparation. If you have not taken these courses they may be taken at the undergraduate level.
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