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​Outdoor Leaders

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Outdoor Leaders is a camp designed to provide older campers with a hands-on discovery of outdoor careers.  Through field trips, guest speakers, and engaging activities, campers will gain skills and experience for their future.  Plus, campers will enjoy lots of summer camp fun.

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Scholarship Information

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point's College of Natural Resources is pleased to offer a limited number of $300 scholarships for the Outdoor Leaders Camp. Please complete the Scholarship Form and return to CWES to be considered for a scholarship.

Optional College Credit Information-Additional cost for college credit if you choose to take the class.

To register for credit, you will need to create an account with the UW System here:
1. Go to
2. Register as a new user or if already an existing user login
a. If they are an existing user and having issues logging in they can contact UW HELP at 800-442-6459 or use the chat feature on the website
3. Click on create application
4. Answer initial questions
a. Under reason for applying select ‘special/non-degree’
b. Under applying to select ‘UW-Stevens Point’
c. There will be another reason for applying question, please select ‘high school special/early college credit program’
d. Under applying as select ‘high school special – traditional program’
e. Term select ‘Summer 2019’
5. Inside the actual application
a. Under Campus Specific have students input ‘NRES 150: People, Resources and the Biosphere, section 88, class number 60239’

If you attend Outdoor Leaders Camp, you are also eligible to take a college course, NRES 150: People, Resources and the Biosphere.  This is an online summer course.

Once you have gone through the application you will get a confirmation email.  Then you will receive a user ID from UW-Stevens Point so that students can check the status of their application.

After an account is created, you will email Tom Quinn with your student ID and he will grant you permission to register.  Using your new account, you will register for NRES 150: People, Resources and the Biosphere, section 88, class number 60239. Any questions regarding registration can be emailed to

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