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Proceed through the energy units and complete the activities and experiments along the way.

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Unit 1: What is Energy?

A. Introduction

B. Two Main Forms of Energy

C. Measuring and Quantifying Energy

     1. Conversion and Resource Tables

     2. Activity: People Power

D. Activities and Experiments

Unit 2: Energy Rules!

A. Introduction

B. Energy Transfer

C. Energy Conversion and the First Law of  Thermodynamics 

D. Energy Efficiency and the Second Law of Thermodynamics 

E. Activities and Experiments 

Unit 3: Energy Through Our Lives-Part I

A. Introduction

B. Community Energy Use

      1. Wisconsin and United States Energy Use Graphs

      2. Economic Sectors and End Uses

C. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Change

D. Energy Flow in Ecosystems (optional reading)     


Unit 4: Energy Through Our Lives-Part II

E. Home Energy Use

F. Watts, Volts, and Amps, Oh My!

G. Leaking Electricity

H. Energy Efficiency and Conservation Tips

I.  Appliance Survey

J. Surveys and Statistics