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The English Major offers you a strong liberal arts education in language and literature, the study of which fosters communication, critical reading, and critical thinking skills. The program of study is flexible, and our curriculum is a productive balance of tradition and innovation: it offers, on the one hand, a relatively traditional framework of period requirements in American and English literature and, on the other, cutting edge approaches to literary study. The curriculum offers a wide range of subtitled electives developed by a dedicated faculty with diverse interests and areas of expertise. English majors may pursue electives, Minors, and / or second Majors in other departments and so follow their personal and professional interests. They may also choose our Writing Minor, with its wide range of courses in Creative Writing, Scientific / Environmental Writing, and Business / Technical Writing.
This web site is designed to give you the information you need to decide whether or not you want to declare a Major or Minor in the Department of English. If you have questions, or want more details, please contact the department office or individual faculty members, or examine the programming sheets available outside the main office.
Michael Williams, Chair
CCC 486
Phone: 715-346-4928
Kim Siclovan
Academic Department Associate
CCC 486
Phone: 715-346-4757
Rebecca Stephens
Director of Freshman English
CCC 435
Phone: 715-346-4331
Kelly Thompson
University Services Associate
Freshman English
CCC 439
Phone: 715-346-4758

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The Theatre in London program is now taking applications. Please see their web site for more information.
Graduate School in English: An Overview
Vist the COLS Faculty Forum page for a current schedule of faculty presentations. The COLS Faculty Forum is sponsored by the Department of English.