Safety and Security

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point at Wausau is concerned with the safety of its students, faculty, and staff, as well as visitors to its campuses. Information provided here, guided by various federal and state laws, is provided to all students to promote a safer community.

Reporting Concerns

All students, faculty, staff, and guests are strongly encouraged to submit student concerns, report alleged student misconduct, and report crimes to the Office of the Dean of Students, regardless of where the incident occurred. If it is an emergency and/or are concerned about an immediate threat, contact your local law enforcement agency immediately. Questions about which reporting form is appropriate can be directed to our office at 715-346-2611. Please visit our Submit a Report page to share information with our office.

Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Act
(Pub Law 101-226 Sec. 22(a)(1))

Information as required by the Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Act is shared through our Center for Prevention.


eAlerts will automatically notify you if classes are canceled due to inclement weather or in the case of an emergency on campus. eAlert mail messages are automatically sent to all campus email addresses.You can also receive eAlerts by text on your cell phone - just update your phone information in PRISM

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act

Following the 1986 tragic assault and murder of a young woman named Jeanne Clery at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, her parents organized and lobbied to establish standards for crime reporting on all college campuses in the nation. The result of their effort was the passage of the Student-Right-To-Know and Campus Security Act in 1990. In 1998 the act was amended and renamed the Jeanne Clery Act.

Each Annual Security Report includes statistics for the previous three years concerning reported crimes that occurred on campus, in certain off-campus buildings or property owned or controlled by the campus and on public property within or immediately adjacent to and accessible from the campus. The report also includes institutional policies concerning campus security, such as policies concerning alcohol and drug use, crime prevention, the reporting of crimes, sexual assault and other matters.

View a copy of the Annual Security Report for your campus.

Severe Weather

If you choose not to attend class due to weather conditions, please phone or e-mail your instructor. Please keep in mind that if you miss class, you are responsible for making up the work. The campus can only be closed by order of the chancellor or governor.

Sexual Assault Information
(Wis. Stat. Sec. 36.11(22))

Wisconsin State Statute 36.11(22) requires new students receive oral, and written or electronic information about sexual assault and sexual harassment at orientation, and that all students annually receive printed or electronic information about sexual assault and sexual harassment. Additionally, the statute requires that all employees of the university report a witnessed sexual assault or receives a report from a student enrolled in the institution that the student has been sexually assaulted. Visit our Submit a Report page to share information with the Dean of Students. You may find information about sexual assault and sexual harassment including sexual assaults by acquaintances, national, state, local and campus sexual assault statistics, the rights of victims, services available to assist students who are the victims of sexual assault or sexual harassment and protective behaviors through the Office of the Dean of Students.

Sex Offender Registry

The Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act of 2000 (CSCPA) is an amendment to the Jacob Wetterling Crimes Against Children and Sexually Violent Offender Registration Act. The CSCPA requires sex offenders to provide notice of enrollment or employment at any institution of higher education (IHE) in that state where the offender resides, as well as notice of each change of enrollment or employment status at the IHE.

Sex offender information in the State of Wisconsin is compiled by the Department of Corrections (DOC). The DOC website allows you to easily search their sex offender database. Links to information from other students are also below.