Lecture & Arts at the Wausau campus

Through the arts, we shape new stories and we re-enact old ones; we capture and depict complexities of form, and we meditate on masterpieces of visual expression; we raise our voices in song, and we play new notes... often together. The arts provide a way of connecting people across the human experience in all of its beauty, pain, sorrow, joy and love.

The study of the fine arts teaches creativity and increases our understanding of, and appreciation for, diversity. Participation in the arts helps us to think globally and encourages an expansion of self-identity for all students and arts practitioners. The arts educate our minds and our hearts so that we may think more critically, live more fully and connect more completely in relationships, in meaningful work, and in a better quality of life.

At the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point at Wausau, the arts are alive and vibrant!

The Art Department provides instruction in painting, design and sculpture, as well as a rich array of residencies, exhibition opportunities and exposure to master artists across the nation.

The Lecture & Arts series brings culturally-enriching fine arts programs to students and community members throughout the year.

The Music Department offers a wide variety of music courses and opportunities to participate in vocal and instrumental performing ensembles that play jazz, classical and popular music.

Theatre opportunities include production experiences in multiple forms, from musical comedy to innovative drama that raises contemporary issues and vital ideas.

Mush, a literature and art magazine produced by the students, comes out every spring, just before finals. Copies are free to students, and $5.50 to community members. For more information, e-mail jill.stukenberg@uwsp.edu.