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Kyle Herrman, Ph.D.


Contact Information
Phone: (715) 346-4832
Fax: (715) 346-3624
Office: TNR 375 


Ohio State University, Environment and Natural Resources, Ph.D., 2007
Indiana University, Environmental Science, M.S., 2004
University of Illinois-Champaign/Urbana, Natural Resources and Environmental Science, B.S., 2002

Courses Taught

    • Water Chemistry and Analysis (UWSP - WATR 480/680)
    • Wetlands Ecology and Management (UWSP - WLDL/WATR 360/560)
    • Environmental Biogeochemistry (UWSP - SOILS/WATR 462/662)
    • Introduction to Soil and Water Resources (UWSP - NR 251)
    • Soil Conservation and Watershed Inventory Techniques (UWSP – SOILS 359)
    • Wetlands Ecology (UNL - NRES 498/898)
    • Water Quality Management (OSU - ENR 355)

Research Interests

To explore the link between ecosystem structure and function in both aquatic and terrestrial systems. I am particularly interested in examining microbially mediated reactions as they are key drivers in nutrient cycling and carbon dynamics. This ranges from looking at the impacts of invasive species, climate change, restoration practices, land use changes, and natural disturbance events on processes in the soil/sediment.

Current/Recent Projects

    • Do invasive plants alter soil properties and microbial communities in forest understories? Funding source: USDA – McIntire Stennis (pending)
    • Examining the long-term development of a restored wetland in north-central Wisconsin. Funding source: UWSP – UPDC
    • Impact of flood spates on denitrifying bacteria in low order streams. Funding source: Gutgsell Family Foundation
    • A landscape level analysis of soil microbial communities in Northern Wisconsin, USA. Funding source: UWSP – SRF
    • Examining the ecological and water quality impacts of herbicide treatment on invasive species in riparian ecosystems. Funding source: Nebraska Environmental Trust
    • Nitrogen removal and transport hydraulics in headwater streams of fragmented agricultural watersheds in central Ohio. Funding source: NRI – USDA 


Herrman, K.S., D.T. Scott, J.D. Lenters, and E. Istanbulluoglu. 2012. Nutrient loss following Phragmites australis removal in controlled soil mesocosms. Journal of Water, Air, and Soil Pollution, doi: 10.1007/s11270-012-1113-9.

Lenters, J.D., G.J. Cutrell, E. Istanbulluoglu, D.T. Scott, K.S. Herrman, A. Irmak, D.E. Eisenhauer. 2011. Seasonal energy and water balance of a Phragmites australis-dominated wetland in the Republican River basin of south-central Nebraska (USA). Journal of Hydrology 408:19-34.

Herrman, K.S., V. Bouchard, T. Granata, A.E. Carey, and R.H. Moore. 2010. Hydrologic characteristics in headwater streams: a comparison of forested and agricultural streams. Hydrological Processes 24:1-12.

Herrman, K.S., Bouchard, V., and R.H. Moore. 2008. An assessment of nitrogen removal from headwater streams in an agricultural watershed, Northeast Ohio, USA. Limnology and Oceanography 53:2573-2582.

Herrman, K.S., Bouchard, V., and R.H. Moore. 2008. Factors affecting denitrification in agricultural headwaters streams in Northeast Ohio, USA. Hydrobiologia 598:305-314.

Herrman, K.S. and J.R. White. 2008. Denitrification in intact sediment cores from a constructed wetland: examining the isotope pairing technique. Applied Geochemistry 23:2105-2112.​ 

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