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Jennifer-Brand.pngJennifer (Dierauer) Brand, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Groundwater Outreach Specialist 

Contact Information
Phone: (715) 346-3190 
Office: TNR 224C


I am the groundwater outreach specialist with the Center for Watershed Science and Education and an Assistant Professor of Groundwater Resources in the College of Natural Resources. My current research uses observed data and hydrological models to investigate climate change impacts on water resources. I am also interested in developing interactive data visualizations to improve science communication.


  • B.S. Geoscience, Winona State University
  • M.S. Geology, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
  • Ph.D. Earth Science, Simon Fraser University


Dierauer, J.R., Allen, D.M., and Whitfield, P.H. (2019) Snow drought risk and susceptibility in the western United States and southwestern Canada. Water Resources Research, 55, 3076-3091.

Dierauer, J.R., Whitfield, P.H., & Allen, D.M. (2018). Climate controls on runoff and low flows in mountain catchments of western North America. Water Resources Research, 54, 7495-7510.

Dierauer, J.R., Allen, D.M., & Whitfield, P.H. (2018). Exploring future water demand and climate change impacts on water availability in the Peace Region of British Columbia, Canada. In A. Endo & T. Oh (Eds.). The Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Human-Environmental Security in the Asia-Pacific Ring of Fire. (pp. 45-54).

Dierauer, J.R., Whitfield, P.H., & Allen, D.M. (2017). Assessing the suitability of hydrometric data for trend analysis: The 'FlowScreen' package for R. Canadian Water Resources Journal, Vol. 42, No. 3, p. 269-275.

Pinter, N., Huthoff, F., Dierauer, J.R., Remo, J., & Damptz, A. (2016). Modeling residual risk behind levees, Upper Mississippi River, USA. Environmental Science & Policy. Vol. 58, p. 131-140.

Dierauer, J.R., Pinter, N., & Remo, J. (2012). Evaluation of Levee Setbacks for Flood-Loss Reduction, Middle Mississippi River, USA. Journal of Hydrology. Vol. 450-451. p. 1-8.

Pinter, N., Dierauer, J.R., & Remo, J. (2012). Flood-loss modelling for assessing impacts of flood-frequency adjustment, Middle Mississippi River, USA. Hydrological Processes. Vol. 26, No. 19, p. 2997-3002.

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