UWSP/Balanced Body
Pilates Mat Instructor Training

‚ÄčAmy Larson

I first experienced Pilates while attending UWSP as a dance major. I fell fast in love with it as a movement practice and decided to work toward a Mat certification before leaving college. I was privileged enough to be among the first class to train through Balanced Body in Stevens Point with Amy Beversdorf. 

After graduation I moved to New York City to pursue a dancing career. In New York I completed the comprehensive certification through Balanced Body at Movements Afoot under the direction of Lesley Powell. I now teach Pilates alongside my dancing. 

My work as an instructor allows me the flexibility I need to pursue my dance projects, and it also gives me the tools I need to stay fit, aligned and injury-free as a dancer. Also, one aspect of dancing that has always been most fascinating to me is the actual movement mechanics of the human body. Being a Pilates instructor enables me to share this facination and knowledge with people everyday.