Student Classes/Resources

Enrollment is open to violin, viola, cello, bass, piano harp, and voice​​​ students of all levels who currently study with a teacher who uses the Suzuki method and materials. Each student should review the entire Suzuki repertoire up to and including the current piece for his/her playing level. Be prepared to play your polished piece for your master class teacher at your first lesson. The teacher can readily assess the student's needs by hearing a technically and musically mature piece.

  • Available Both Weeks (July 16-22 and/or July 23-29) violin, 2-week Intensive Chamber Music, SECE
  • Available Week One Only (July 16-22) piano and voice
  • Available Week Two Only (July 23-29) viola, cello, bass, harp, and One-week Chamber Music Program.
  • The student program is a family experience. Parents (or grandparents) are expected to be in attendance (with the exception of students​ ages 13-17 who are enrolled in the Teen Dorm). ​​​
  • For young children, it is ideal to have one adult for each child enrolled.
  • In order to get the complete Institute experience, it is recommended that families make the commitment to be available for the many activities that occur throughout the day and into the evening.

 ASI Welcomes Suzuki Voice!

ASI is hosting the first-ever Suzuki Voice Institute in 2023

All voice students (regardless of book level) will follow the same fee schedule and total instructional hours of instrumentalists in Books 1-2:

  • $450 tuition
  • 15 hours of instruction
  • Students will each receive a 4-person A-class (Masterclass), a small group class (B class) and a larger group class (C class) daily..
  • Optional electives are offered at 11:00 a.m. Monday - Thursday.  These classes will be held during the parent lectures to give students a rich musical experience. Tuition for an elective is $65.
  • The week will conclude with a celebratory Festival Concert on Friday at 4:15​. Be sure to download your Voice Review List​ (also​ found in the dropdown below).
  • First-time attendees: please check out the all-important General Information page, as well as the many concerts, parent lectures​​ and special activities throughout the week. 

 ‭(Hidden)‬ No lesson experience (week 1 - violin)

  • Students must be at least 3 years old.​
  • Parent and child must attend all classes together.
  • 15 hours of instruction per week 
  • $440 tuition fee per week 
  • Students should be listening to the Suzuki recordings several weeks prior to ASI. 
  • It is suggested that you make arrangements for continued study at home prior to attending ASI. 
A small number of violin students with no experience may enroll to begin their study at the Institute. Their daily schedule will include individual (A class) and small group (B class) lessons in classes of not more than five students, and a music and movement class (C class). 


  • Students currently studying any instrument, but not yet playing all Twinkle variations up to tempo and without stops. 
  • Parent and child must attend all classes together.
  • 15 hours of instruction per week 
  • $450 tuition fee per week 
  • Daily class schedule includes master class (A Class), small group instruction (B Class) and larger group instruction (C Class)

 Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE)

  • For children ages 0-4 
  • Parent and child must attend all classes together. 
  • $80​​ tuition fee per week, includes five classes. ​​Recordings for daily listening should be downloaded prior to the first class. On Apple Music:
  • ​Pre-registration required – no walk-ins. 

  • Class will not conflict with sibling’s master class (A Class). 
    • For siblings of enrolled students, the Suzuki Early Childhood Education Class provides an opportunity for siblings (ages 0-4) of participants and their parents to interact as they learn nursery rhymes and songs, move to music, learn counting skills and enjoy story time.
    • Children learn to cooperate socially with other early learners as they take turns, share toys and help with class routines.
    • Parents learn to observe their child’s growth, the natural stages of child development and how to structure a positive, nurturing learning environment.
    • Class will be scheduled Monday-Friday.

 Books 1-2

  • Students in Bks 1-2 receive 15 hours of instruction per week 
  • $450​​​​ tuition fee per week
  • Daily class schedule includes a master class (A Class), and a technique (B Class) and a repertoire class (C Class)
  • Optional electives are offered at 11:00 a.m. Monday - Thursday. Elective cost is $65.These classes are designed to enrich the student's overall experience. They will be offered during the parent lecture hours so that parents can attend these presentations and find inspiration in their own ASI experience.

 Books 3-5


  • 20  hours of instruction per week
  • $490 tuition fee per week
  • Book 3 daily class schedule includes the same classes as the Book 1-2 students plus an ensemble class (string students participate in an orchestra; pianists and harpists participate in duet classes).
  • Book 4-5 daily class schedule includes a master class, technique/repertoire class, ensemble class, and our very special "Creative U!"
    • ​Creative U! will unlock the creativity inside. Dr. Ching-chu Hu and Randal Harrison-Hoecherl will guide Book 4 and 5 instrumental students on a journey of creativity and expression. In this class, you will create your own music through the exploration of the Suzuki repertoire, Music Theory, and your own creative energies. With you, your instrument, and/or your technological know-how, we will create a work of music this week.

  • ​Optional electives are offered at 11:00 a.m. Monday - Thursday. Elective cost is $65.These classes are designed to enrich the student's overall experience. They will be offered during the parent lecture hours so that parents can attend these presentations and find inspiration in their own ASI experience.


 Books 6 & Up

  • 20 hours of instruction per week 
  • Guarantee of no more than 3 people per master class (A Class). 
  • $530 tuition fee per week 
  • Daily class schedule includes a master class (A Class), technique class (B Class), repertoire class (C Class) and an ensemble (orchestra)
  • Optional electives are offered at 11:00 a.m. Monday - Thursday. Elective cost is $65.These classes are designed to enrich the student's overall experience. They will be offered during the parent lecture hours so that parents can attend these presentations and find inspiration in their own ASI experience.

 Chamber Music Program

Two-week Intensive Chamber Music: July 16-29, 2023
One-week Chamber Music July 23-29

Please refer to the Chamber Music Page for our checklist of forms and more details


 Repertoire Lists

Check the list for your instrument and start reviewing now!

Bass Review List

Cello Review List

Harp Review List

Harp Duet List

Piano Review List

Piano Duet List - Purchase duets for your level and learn parts before Institute.

Viola Review List

Violin Review List

Voice Review List




These courses will be offered Monday through Thursday at 11:00-11:50 am unless otherwise noted.  Class sizes will vary between 15 and 25, depending on the class.  Enrollment will be open on a first-come, first-served basis.  All classes cost $65. 

Kid's Yoga (ages 7-12): Be ready for an adventure into outer space or a jungle safari as we explore physical movement, relaxation and breath control -  essential for budding musicians! Yoga mat or towel ​recommended. Teacher: Ashlee Casey.

Artist's Imagination (Ages 7-12): Use your imagination and expand your artistic skills through the visual arts.  Students will participate in daily hands-on projects. Open to all students. Teacher: Lee Vang.

NEW! Youth Choir (all insrumentalists, ages 7-12)  Make music with your very first instrument - your voice! No previous singing or choir experience​​ necessary. No music reading skills required. Teacher: Edye Ray.

NEW! Fun with Duets (Violinists, ages7 and above and in Book 2 and beyond): Violin students can experience the fun of making music together by learning duet parts for the Suzuki repertoire. Students should purchase "Duets for Violin" by Shinichi Suzuki for use in the class. Students should be comfortable reading in the keys of G, D, and A Major. Teacher: Carol Dallinger.

​Modern Dance (all instruments, ages 9-18): Put your creative thinking into motion through the language of dance. No previous dance experience required. Ages 7-8 with previouas dance experience​​.Teacher: Angie Nyquist.

Taekwondo is an exciting sport and the fastest-growing martial art in the world. Master Steve Decker will be leading an awesome opportunity to learn some basic Taekwondo skills and show you the martial art he has practiced and lived for over 20 years. For all instruments and (Ages 7 and above). No prior experience is necessary. Certificates will be given to all enrollees.

 Parent Programs

Parent participation is essential to the success of the Suzuki Method, and the American Suzuki Institute has planned various activities to help parents fulfill their role. Parents attend lessons with their children and help them prepare for the next day’s classes.

The American Suzuki Institute is a family experience. Parents are expected to remain with their children during meals and leisure time, as well as during classes. Parents are responsible for the conduct of their children and the safety of their valuables while attending the Institute. All students and other children must be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult during the Institute.
  • Free lectures: 
    • Scheduled Monday-Thursday at 11:05 am to coincide with the student electives.
    • Topics may include Suzuki Philosophy, communication, parent-child interaction, goals, early childhood development, working with teenagers, and instrumental techniques and musicianship. 
    • You will receive a schedule of lectures upon check-in.
  • Every Child Can!
    This course is an introduction to Dr. Suzuki’s Philosophy and its application to Suzuki education. It provides an inspiring in-depth look at the Suzuki approach.
    • Advance registration is required 
    • Class fee: $150

 Institute Observer

  • Parents/guardians of enrolled students may observe any student classes for free. 
  • Any adult who is not a parent/guardian of an enrolled student or enrolled in a teacher training course must register as an observer. 
  • Observation fee: $210 per week or $40 per day. No registration fee required. 
​​ ​

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