​For Parents 

One of the great defining features of the American Suzuki Institute is the attention given to the inspiration of parents. ASI typically offers more parent lectures/discussion sessions than nearly any other summer institute. We believe that parent education and camaraderie is of the utmost importance. 

Parent and teacher lectures are scheduled at 11:05 a.m. and 5:05 p.m.  Student electives are scheduled at that same hour in order to give the parent freedom to attend the lectures of their choice. A number of these lectures, because of their popularity and quality, are often featured at the SAA Conference and at other workshops around the country. 

Parents are invited to enroll for some of the electives as well...depending on class parameters and the number of students enrolled. ​

ASI Testimonials

 ASI was an anticipated event at our house. When I was first approached about how wonderful ASI was when the kids were young, I thought to myself,  I am sure it is nice, but I didn't really believe that it was the equivalent of a semester's worth of work in a week!  I was completely wrong! It was as great and even better than advertised!  Camp was so loved in our family that it became a motivator for each of the kids through the fall semester, and then in spring they were motivated to start preparing for the next ASI in summer.  Eventually, it was about the social fun, making music with friends in the Chamber Program, and independence in the teen dorm! They looked forward to it more than anything all year!  Many of the friends they made are still their friends today, and they still make music together once in a while!  Also, the teachers and families all treated each other with such a high level of respect.  Success began with simply asking a child to try something, and then congratulations for the child's effort, whether perfect or not, was given. With further instruction and models shown, eventually the child graduated to a perfect repetition along with a feeling of success, and the confidence to risk learning in front of a group!  We were so happy to have such an excellent international program right in Central Wisconsin in which all were learning music in the Suzuki environment of love and respect.  - Tomi Dittburner, Suzuki Parent and Student