A Day in the Life... 

What is it like to spend a day at ASI? Come with us for a brief tour...You will start your day with breakfast in the University Dining Hall or one of the local restaurants. You will then head out to the Noel Fine Arts Center or the CBB to begin your day of classes and activities.

Depending on your age and level, you will have anywhere between 3-5 hours of classes, including a Master Class (lesson) with just 3-4 students in the group. You will join more friends for at least 2 other classes, one that focuses on technique, and one for repertoire. Other classes for older students might include some ensembles, such as orchestra, chamber music, piano ensembles or theory. All of these classes happen somewhere between the hours of 8-11 a.m. and 1-4 p.m. 

At 11 a.m., you have the option of attending an elective of your choice. (Be sure to check these out on our Student Classes tab and to sign up on your registration form). Some of these electives are musical, some are not. The common theme among them is that they give you a chance to have fun and be creative! 

As soon as classes are finshed for the day (4 p.m.)everyone gathers in Michelsen Hall for the Honors Recital. We get to hear some great music and to share our talents and to cheer for our friends. After the day's classes are over, it's time for dinner and then more fun! Evenings are very special times at ASI. They are reserved for performances by our world-class faculty, guest artists, students (informal recitals) and of course, the infamous ASI talent show! On the last day of the week, each instrument group hosts its own spectacular festival concert. 

Then, of course, there is your free time ... how will you spend it? Will you take advantage of the many recreational activities, like kayaking on the local waterways? Or perhaps take a bike ride on the Green Circle Trail? One afternoon of the week is reserved solely for these kinds of activities...or for just plain old hanging out. Oh, and we don't want to forget about practicing...there are plenty of practice rooms in the Fine Arts Center; but if you are lucky enough to have a portable instrument, feel free to enjoy practicing outside, in the beautiful Wisconsin summer weather. 

Parents, your day ​mostly consists of attending classes with your child, but we haven't forgotten about providing you with inspiration. There are lectures every day designed just for you ... and of course, there are lots of opportunities to meet other parents and share experiences. 

After the last notes of the day's music have been played, you can drift off to sleep. You will want to get plenty of rest so you can enjoy everything that tomorrow has to offer... 


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