Welcome to the
International Research Symposium on Talent Education

The International Research Symposium on Talent Education (IRSTE) welcomes all teachers, researchers and parents to hear about the latest applications of research as it relates to Suzuki teaching and learning. Examples of past topics areas are group lessons, parent education, memorization, performance anxiety, music language and the brain and Suzuki teacher demographics, to name a few.

Established by Margery Aber in 1990 at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, the symposium is a means to promote research among Suzuki teachers, disseminate research that influences teaching practice, and educate teachers to use research in resolving studio challenges. The most recent keynote speakers have included Dr. Robert A. Duke, Dr. Laurel Trainor, Dr. Robert Cutietta, Dr. Aniruddh Patel and Beatriz Ilari. 

IRSTE Research Team


Pat D'Ercole, Co-Coordinator

Aber Suzuki Center, UW Stevens Point
Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA

Kate Einarson, Co-coordinator
Holland Bloorview Kids 
Rehabilitation Hospital 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada 



Eun Cho
Experimental Acoustic Research Studio
University of California, Riverside