Inclus​ivity Committee -
Chair: Rowan Krohn - Email Them!
Fall 2021 Meetings: Tuesdays at 5pm in the MCRC

The Inclusivity Affairs Committee reviews and creates policy dealing with inclusivity. They will review and advise University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point administration, faculty, and student body on any changes needed to policy or practices to foster a more inclusive campus. Other duties for this group are determined by the Chair and Committee.

  • Narrative Project:
    • A video compilation that is a continuation of a video made last year. This years topic is Privilege with a focus on three different but related ideas:
      1. Interviewing students and faculty and asking about negative experiences they have had when they were affected by someone else's privilege.
      2. Interviewing students and faculty and putting them in the role of the witness to see how they would handle said situations and how they would have someone handle said situations if they were the victim.
      3. Interviewing students and faculty and asking what we can do to reduce the negative effects of privilege and giving the viewers an action plan for what they can do if they come in contact with these issues.
We are very excited about this project and the impact it will have on campus!


 Current Committee Members

Rowan Krohn*

* - Denotes Chair