​Hello, future Graphic Design student at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point! All incoming students who declare a Graphic Design major can apply for scholarships up to $1000.00 USD. Use this form to apply. 

Graphic Design Application Form

Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Applicants who apply before the due dates will be given priority consideration. 

Fall 2022 deadline is March 31, 2022.


Applicants for Graphic Design scholarships need to communicate their interest in studying Graphic Design at UW-Stevens Point in writing a letter of intent and through a visual portfolio representing their creative work.


  • Letter of Interest
    • 1-page letter-size document saved as a PDF
    • Name document as follows: Lastname-name-2021-GD-scholarship.pdf

  • Portfolio of Visual Work
    • 5 to 8 images on a single file PDF, landscape or horizontal orientation. Use each page for each individual project
    • Images are to be of creative work from the past two years
    • Be sure to label each image with the name of project or title, media, size, and year of completion
    • Save the document as a PDF, name document as follows: Lastname-name-Portfolio-2021-GD-scholarship.pdf
    • Size of portfolio no more than 15 MB

  • Copy of High School or College transcript (unofficial is perfectly fine)

  • Letter of Recommendation (optional) — from teacher or mentor


    Applications for the Graphic Design scholarships will be evaluated by the following criteria:

    • Letter of Interest
      • Passion/interest in studying Graphic Design
      • Clear communication
      • Spelling, grammar
      • Interest in UW-Stevens Point

    • Portfolio of Visual Work
      • Quality of work Quality of images
      • Minimum of 5 images and maximum of 8 images. Images are properly labeled title, date, medium, materials.
      • Following the application directions correctly

      Graphic Design Application Form