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Cable Television

Please click here, for the updated channel listing. 

Will my TV work with the campus network? How can I tell if my TV has a QAM tuner? 

Many televisions manufactured since 2007 already have a QAM tuner built-in. The easiest way to tell if your TV has this feature is to: 

- Refer to the documentation which came with your television and look for "QAM capable" 


- Google your make and model to determine whether it is QAM capable 

Why are my channels not lining up with the channel schedule?  

The cable provider established a specific channel order. Some televisions may not map the channel order exactly as shown on the guide. This is due to variations in television manufacturers' standards.

Antenna vs. cable settings - why am I only getting 13 channels?

Be sure your TV is set to "cable" to properly scan and capture the channel content. This will not occur if your TV is set to "antenna". These options are located on the TV menu (check your TV documentation). 

Where can I get assistance if...

I do not receive any channels on my TV? 

- Submit a work order stating you receive no channels 

I only receive some channels on my TV?

- You may need to acquire a QAM capable tuner or switch to a different TV that is QAM capable 


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