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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding UW-Stevens Point and Branch Campus Students

Beginning the Fall 2019 term, per UW System restructuring, the Marshfield and Wausau campuses became branch campuses of UW - Stevens Point.  UW- Marshfield/Wood County is now UW - Stevens Point at Marshfield and UW - Marathon County is now UW - Stevens Point at Wausau.

What if I want to transition to a different UW Stevens Point campus?
You will submit the Campus/Degree Program Transition Form located in the Forms tile from your homepage in accesSPoint.  Please note that you can only transition to a different campus for the current term within the clear add/drop period.  After the clear add/drop period, you must select a future term. 

What if I just want to take a class at a different campus?
If you would like to take a class that is outside your career of study (Associate's taking a Bachelor's class or vice versa), you will complete the Academic Career Exception form.  This is an electronic form which can be found in the Forms tile on your homepage in accesSPoint.  When you submit the form for the class you want to take, it is routed via email to your advisor for approval and then on to the Office of the Registrar for processing.  When the form is processed and the override is entered in accesSPoint, you will receive an email confirmation letting you know you can now register for the class.

How do I get my transcripts?
All coursework taken at a branch campus prior to Fall 2019 will be on a UW-Colleges transcript. You may obtain your official transcript by submitting a request online:

Coursework taken during Fall 2019 and after will be on a UW-Stevens Point transcript. Any coursework taken prior to Fall 2019 at the branch campuses will be reflected on the UW-Stevens Point transcript as transfer credits.  The branch location and number of credits earned is listed but no course or grade details. You can order a transcript online through Credentials Transcript Services.

Who will send me my diploma?
UW-Stevens Point will issue diplomas for degrees earned at all of the UWSP campuses. 

How will my branch campus GPA be treated at UW-Stevens Point? 
All coursework taken at a branch campus prior to Fall 2019 will be considered transfer work at UWSP. Starting in Fall 2019, your GPA at a UWSP branch campus will reflect coursework taken at any of our campuses (Fall 2019 and after), and any previous coursework taken at the UWSP main campus. You will just have one UWSP GPA.

What happens if I enroll in a class at the wrong location?
Class Search and our Schedule Builder tool will have the campus identified for every class section so you can easily see the campus of your classes before you register.  Additionally, branch campus classes will have a W (Wausau campus) or an M (Marshfield campus) in front of the section number.  You are ultimately responsible for the courses you enroll in, so you’ll need to be careful when registering. If you have questions about how to add and drop classes, or make changes to your schedule, please speak with your advisor or stop by a Solution Center on a branch campus or the Office of the Registrar on the main campus.

How do I repeat a class I did poorly on? Are the rules different for branch campus classes?
Starting with the Fall 2019 term, all classes will be treated as UWSP classes and will follow UWSP repeat rules. Classes taken at the branch campuses prior to Fall 2019, will be treated as transfer work. Please see this website for more information:

How long do I have to drop a class?
All UW-Stevens Point campuses follow the same academic rules. The add/drop dates for classes are based on the length of the class, shorter classes have shorter periods. Full-semester classes have 8 days for clear drop/adds; W-drops are allowed through the tenth week.

Add/drop dates are viewable by class in accesSPoint, but general deadline information is available on our website:

Where can I find course descriptions?
You can view the UW-Stevens Point Catalog online.

If I only want to earn an Associate degree, can I? Or are Associate degrees no longer offered?
Yes, you can graduate with an Associate degree from any UWSP campus. You can then choose to move into your career or continue on toward earning your Bachelor’s degree.  Should you choose to immediately transition to a Bachelor's program on any of the UWSP campuses after you have earned your Associate's degree, you can submit the Campus/Degree Program Transition Form located in the Forms tile from your homepage in accesSPoint.  You will not have to re-apply.

Do I have to complete my Associate degree before I transfer to the Stevens Point main campus to pursue a Bachelor’s degree?
When you complete the Campus/Degree Program Transition Form to transfer to main campus, you will be asked if you would like to graduate with your Associate's degree prior to the transition. 



Does my tuition change for my branch?
No. The tuition for branch students enrolled in an associate degree program is not changing.  However, a branch campus student taking a baccalaureate level course will pay the baccalaureate per credit rate for that course. 

How much will I be charged for segregated (Seg) fees?
Students will be assessed segregated fees based on their home campus location. 

Students that have a ‘home campus’ designation of Wausau or Marshfield will have the option to enroll in a Gold Package for services available at the Stevens Point main campus.  Upon enrollment, differential fees will be applied to your student account to pay for the package.  If you choose not to enroll in the Gold Package, you will still be able to utilize services at the Stevens Point campus on a per incident basis by paying per incident fees. 

Will I have more than one bill if I take classes at more than one location?
No. All of your tuition and fees will appear on your AccesSPoint account.  Information on how to pay your bill can be found here:

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