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UW-Stevens Point 165 Credit Rule

Effective April 12th, 2021, the UW Board of Regents has rescinded this policy and it will no longer be enforced at UW Stevens Point.

The Board of Regents adopted a policy in which all resident undergraduate students who have accumulated 165 credits (or 30 credits more than required by their degree program, whichever is greater) will be assessed a surcharge of 100% of the regular resident tuition. The surcharge results in students paying double the regular resident tuition. The policy is described below.  A signature from the dean of the college of the student's major on this form will waive the surcharge.  Not all student credits count toward the limit.

With reasonable planning, this policy should affect very few students. Students can appeal to their dean’s office (or department heads in the College of Professional Studies) if they feel they have a legitimate need for more than 165 credits before finishing. 

  • The policy applies only to resident undergraduate students pursuing their first degree. 
  • Only credits earned at UW-Stevens Point or transferred from a UW System or a Wisconsin Technical College System institution are counted toward the 165 credits.
  • Advanced placement (AP), credit-by-exam, retroactive credit, remedial credit and other such non-traditional credits are not counted toward the 165 credits.
  • The surcharge will be applied to student for the term following the one in which they reached the 165 credit limit.
If you have questions or think you may want to appeal, we invite you to contact the Office of the Registrar, 101 SSC, at 715-346-4301 or to discuss your situation. 


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