​Physics/Engineering Dual-Degree (3+2) Program

Your engineering career starts here.

Lay the foundation for a career in biomedical, civil, computerelectrical, industrial, materials or mechanical engineering when you study physics at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Dual-Degree Program Timeline

Students may earn both a Bachelor of Science degree with a physics major from UW-Stevens Point and a Bachelor of Science degree with an engineering major from UW-Milwaukee in a total time of five years for both degrees. Approximately three years (roughly 90-95 credits) of the program are spent at UW-Stevens Point and approximately two years (roughly 60 credits) at UW-Milwaukee. View Program Flyer

Note: The start of the five-year timeline corresponds with enrollment in MATH 225 (Calculus I) at UW-Stevens Point. There are many variables that affect the time to degree for each individual student.

Please consult with the Dual-Degree Program Coordinator every semester when planning your major - some physics courses are offered only in alternate years.

 Dual-Degree Program Coordinator:

    Maryam Farzaneh
    Associate Professor 
    Office: SCI-B105  
    email: mfarzane@uwsp.edu

UW-Stevens Point Dual-Degree Program Course Requirements

  • Complete all requirements of UW-Stevens Point's General Education Program (GEP) for the physics B.S. major. UW-Milwaukee accepts UW-Stevens Point credits in lieu of its own general education requirements for students.
  • Complete a core set of courses in physics, mathematics and chemistry. Each course satisfies a requirement for physics, engineering or both degrees. These include:
    1. Math 225, 226, 227, 230, 320.
    2. Chemistry 105, 106 (Chemistry 117 maybe replaced for the 105/106 sequence.)
    3. Physics 240, 250, 300, 315, 470.
    4. Engineering 220, 221 (Engr221 can be replaced by Phys335 - see below).  
    • Please note that some required core engineering courses (Statics, Dynamics, Engineering Thermodynamics, Mechanics of Materials, etc.) are usually offered at UW-Stevens Point at Wausau. You may take these courses either in person or online. Please consult with the dual-degree program coordinator for more details.

  • Complete two elective upper-level courses in physics, in addition to the core courses.The elective courses may be chosen from the following:

Physics 320, 335, 370, 385, 405, 435.

 Note: Whether elective courses will satisfy a student’s future engineering requirements is dependent upon the specific elective courses and the specific engineering program to which the student is admitted at UW-Milwaukee.

  • UW-Stevens Point students who meet course requirements with a GPA of 2.5 or higher will be admitted to an engineering program at UW-Milwaukee.
For more information visit the UW-Stevens Point course catalog.

UW-Milwaukee Dual-Degree Program Course Requirements

  • Complete remaining core engineering courses required for respective engineering degree.
  • When a minimum of 30 credits of required core engineering courses is completed, students may submit a UW-Milwaukee transcript to UW-Stevens Point for credit transfer. UW-Stevens Point accepts 30 credits of core engineering courses completed at UW-Milwaukee to fulfill the remaining requirements for the physics B.S. major and bachelor’s degree.

Three Year Plan

The following tables illustrate a typical plan to complete the first part of your dual degree at UW-Stevens Point, within a three-year time frame. Students taking different paths may take longer than the three year plan here. Please consult with the dual-degree program coordinator every semester when planning your major - some physics courses are taught only in alternate years.

First Year

Fall I​Credits
​Math 225 - Calc. I​5 cr.
​Chem 105 (or Chem 117)​5 cr.
​English 101​3 cr.
​GEP​3 cr.
TOTAL​16 cr.
Spring I​Credits
​Phys 240-Univ. Physics I​5 cr.
​Math 226 - Calc. II​5 cr.
​GEP​2 cr.
Chem 106 or GEP ​5 cr.
TOTAL​17 cr.

​Second Year

Fall II​Credits
​Phys 250-Univ. Physics II​5 cr.
​Math 227-Calc. III​4 cr.
ENGR 220 - ​Statics (except for Electrical and Computer Engineerings)
​3 cr.
​Communication 101​3 cr.
​TOTAL​15 cr.

Spring II

​Phys 300-Modern Physics​3 cr.
​Math 230-Intro. to Linear Algebra
​4 cr.
​English 202
3 cr.​
​6 cr.
TOTAL​16 cr.

​Third Year

Fall IIICredits
Math 320 - Differential Equations3 cr.

Phys 435-Thermodynamics or

Phys 320-Electricity/Magnetism

3-4 cr.

Phys 385-Optics or

Phys 370-Electronics

3-4 cr.
​Phys 388 - Research Participation
1 cr.​
GEP3 cr.
TOTAL13-15 cr.
Spring IIICredits
Phys 315- Computational Physics4 cr.
Phys 470-Experimental Physics3 cr.

Phys 335-Advanced Mechanics or

Phys 405-Quantum Mechanics

3 cr.
ENGR221 - Dynamics (if needed)
3 cr.
TOTAL13 cr.



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The physics and engineering dual-degree program at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is offered in partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.