Philosophy B.A. or B.S. 

Philosophy is the systematic study of the enduring ideas and questions that have engaged thoughtful people for millennia such as: “What is the purpose of life?” "What is the nature of reality?" "How do we know what is true?" and "How do we decide what choices are ethical?" 

Explore Career Opportunities
As they pursue the big questions, students in philosophy gain the skills in high demand by today’s employers: the ability to follow complex lines of reasoning, identify presuppositions, evaluate evidence, craft arguments, refute unsupported claims, grapple with ethical dilemmas, and think “outside of the box." Our graduates with philosophy majors possess the intellectual versatility to succeed in a wide range of professions including law, business, academia, IT, insurance and much more.  

Get Involved on Campus
The Philosophical Society of UWSP is a student organization dedicated to promoting and maintaining a mature and professional environment for students interested in the field of philosophy and philosophical discussion. Regular activities include student facilitated conversations about controversial and topical issues. Faculty also attend some meetings to share some of their own work with students. The Philosophical Society welcomes all students. For further information, please contact the faculty advisor to the Philosophical Society, Joshua Horn at

Phi Sigma Tau is the international honor society for the study of philosophy. The purpose of Phi Sigma Tau is to cultivate interest in philosophy among students and to celebrate high achievement in the study of philosophy. Phi Sigma Tau publishes a journal, Dialogue, for student contributions in all areas of contemporary philosophical research. For further information, please contact the faculty advisor to Phi Sigma Tau, Jason Zinser at

More opportunities can be found on the Stevens Point Involvement Network (SPIN).

Gain Experience Outside the Classroom

Philosophy students are active in many student organizations, including the Student Government Association, and are frequently included in the ranks of the Chancellor's Albertson Student Leadership Award winners.

Students with outstanding original work have the opportunity to present their research at the College of Letters and Science Undergraduate Research Symposium, held each spring.

Internships and creative experiential learning opportunities give majors hands on experience in professional settings.  

Meet Your Philosophy Professors

UW-Stevens Point philosophy faculty ensure students read carefully, think critically, communicate effectively and participate meaningfully in environments characterized by cultural, religious and philosophical diversity. Meet your professors!

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