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​Project Rendering

Rendering is allowed during weeks 8-16 during the academic semester.  For rendering outside this timeframe, contact IT Service Desk

Rendering computers are available on the ALB 5th floor along the East wall during Fall 2021 (The homework lab, ALB 110, is not available for rendering or as a homework lab through Fall 2021 semester).

Rendering a project can take many hours so requires a dedicated computer.  Because of the need to dedicate a single computer to a single task for many hours, rendering can be left to run overnight while a lab is closed.  If your project is left to complete rendering overnight, you must return to the lab by 8 AM the following morning to save your rendered project.

Let people know that your project is rendering!

A lab machine left overnight to complete the rendering process must display an IT Rendering sign.  IT Rendering signs are available from the Lab Assistant desk. Do not make your own sign. It will be ignored by lab staff.

Don't lose your completed project!

Lab computers are rebooted at 8:00 AM each morning.  To avoid losing your work, you must return to your rendering computer promptly by 8:00 AM to save your project.  If you do not return at 8:00 AM, your computer will be rebooted and you may lose your completed work.

 Have questions? Contact the Service Desk!
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