Title and Total Compensation Study

Study Format and Phases

This study will be transparent and allow a variety of opportunities for stakeholder/employee participation and feedback.

There are 5 project phases:
  1. Design and Study Strategy (the phase is complete)
  2. Assess Positions and Develop New Job Structure Titles (We are just beginning this phase!!)
  3. Create Compensation Structure
  4. Review Benefits/Work-life and Leave Structures
  5. Implement New Structures
Each UWS institution has put together a TTC Project Team to review and provide feedback on study methodologies, project outcomes, and feedback. The committee is also responsible for communication to their prospective institution, creating subject matter workgroups, and collecting and responding to questions and concerns.

UW-Stevens Point TTC Project Steering Committee:
  • Eric Roesler, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Katie Jore, Associate Vice Chancellor of Personnel, Budget, and Grants
  • The following Human Resources:
    • Tom Bertram
    • Anna Golackson
    • Lisa Nelson
    • Lisa Schaufenbuel
    • Colleen Sentkowski
  • Jenny Resch

What is a subject matter workgroup?

Cross-institutional groups created and charged with providing the TTC Project Steering Committee on a specific area/topic.