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​Project Updates

 TTC Launch Through April 2020

 June 2020 Through October 2021

June 2020

  • In response to the unknown variables of the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Wisconsin System in consultation with UW-Madison, will extend the TTC Project timeline and target an implementation date in later 2021 for new job titles and job descriptions.
    • Given the unknown health and safety risks and other variables, we are unable to provide an exact timeline. As new information becomes available, we will provide updates, continue to engage employees and seek guidance from the Joint Governance Advisory Group. The TTC Project Website remains the source for project communications, updates, and resources. Employees may also get in touch with their institution's Human Resources departments for more information.  

  • Employee-Manager Conversations are on hold until further notice. As our plans become more clear in the coming months, we will provide guidance on when employee-manager conversations can resume. This will allow for employees, supervisors, and system institutions to focus on more pressing pandemic issues and ensure employee conversations related to TTC title and job descriptions can resume in a safe environment.
  • In the interim, we will sustain momentum on the TTC Project by leveraging this time as an opportunity to consider elements that were scheduled for future project phases. This includes starting the visioning process for a long-term comprehensive compensation and benefits strategy. All TTC project activities will inform the future 2021 implementation efforts.

November 2020

Over the last few weeks, work on this project has resumed. Human Resources reviewed and did pre-work to support mapping re-confirmation. Managers are currently re-confirming mapped titles. After this stage, HR will confirm with managers when they can re-engage with staff in the employee-manager mapping conversation. All staff, who are being mapped under TTC, are expected to have a meeting/discussion in the next phase, even if one previously occurred. If there has been no change, the discussion can be a quick confirmation and allow for additional/new questions. More information regarding the timing and details of the employee-manager conversations will be available as we get closer to that phase.

Also to confirm, the review for the use of the Teaching Professor title is still within the project plan. HR and Academic Affairs will be consulting with Faculty Council and Academic Staff Council and Deans to formalize the guidelines for using the title. The plan may remain the same as prior to the project pause for implementation: UWSP may implement TTC and the use of Teaching Professor will be in “phase two.”

December 2020 - January 2021

Mapping updates made, HR review, and submission of mapped titles to UW System for final review.

February 2021

UW System is reviewing mapping within institutions for consistency.

March 2021

UW System mapping review continues to support consistency. In the near future, supervisors will receive their department's mapped list to ensure they have the current mapping and seek clarification on any changes. New job titles will be implemented in November. Employee-manager conversations to occur in early fall. A detailed updated timeline will be released in the coming weeks to outline the employee-manager conversation phase, mapping appeal phase, and official implementation date.

UWSP HR will start to seek feedback from shared governance for the professional development and compensation frameworks. The compensation framework will align with UWS policies and procedures. Watch for staff survey(s) related to professional development this spring. Academic Affairs will start to work with shared governance for the use of Teaching Professor.

April 2021

  • Title implementation (go-live) is November 7, 2021.
  • The job library is frozen now through go-live on November 7th to allow a time period without any changes to complete employee-manager conversations and for the titles to be uploaded into the Human Resources Information System (HRS).
  • More information is forthcoming on the compensation program, but the salary structure will not be published until the title structure is completely based on the wrap-up of employee-manager conversations.


May 2021

September 2021

We are moving into the next phase of the Title and Total Compensation (TTC) Project! There are several updates this month.

Mapping/Titling Employee-Manager Conversation

All staff should have had an employee-manager conversation about their mapping title by September 17, 2021.* The TTC mapped titles will be effective November 7, 2021.

Possible Staff Action: If your manager did not have a recent TTC mapping/titling conversation with you and/or you have additional questions about your titling conversation, please use this update and the May 2021 TTC Update (above) to support you initiating a discussion with your mapping with your supervisor.

As needed, please contact Human Resources if you need guidance/support to have this discussion. Human Resources has been actively following up with managers to support conversations.

*As a reminder, a few titles are outside of the mapping scope, such as Faculty. If you are a staff member and your role is outside of the mapping scope of TTC, your supervisor should have confirmed this on or before September 17, 2021.

Mapping/Titling Appeals

Hopefully, you agree that the standard job description (SJD) matches your duties/best reflects your essential position responsibilities. If you do not agree, review and follow the UWSP Appeals Workflow, Instructions, and Formal Appeal Form to submit an appeal, if you have not done so already. The packet outlines the complete appeal process, reasons for appeal, how to appeal effectively, and the formal appeal form (if an appeal is requested beyond informal appeal).

Promotion/Progression Framework

The formal promotion process for non-instructional Academic Staff ended as of July 2021 since TTC is being implemented officially on November 7, 2021. Lecturer remains a promotional series and levels (Associate, No Prefix, or Senior) will be reflected within Business Titles after TTC implementation. For further details watch the Title and Total Compensation (TTC) In Summary Video (promotion and progression topics start around 6 min 30 seconds into the video) released in May 2021.

The updated promotion and progression frameworks are currently being created for review by division executives and the Chancellor. Shared Governance will have an opportunity to review and provide feedback before a final decision and implementation date are made by the Chancellor.

Professional Development Framework

The professional development framework will be foundational for the promotion and progression frameworks. Shared Governance will receive draft documents for feedback to Human Resources this fall.

Your initial feedback is requested! Please take the brief (7-8 questions) pre-assessment survey to provide insight into current professional development at UWSP.

Use of Teaching Professor at UWSP

Faculty Council has approved a workgroup to create a proposal policy and/or process for the use of Teaching Professor at UWSP. The workgroup includes Rebecca Sommer, Assistant Dean - School of Health Sciences and Wellness (to represent Faculty interests), Katie Jore, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, and Lisa Schaufenbuel, Associate Director of Human Resources

October 2021

Salary Structures and Pay

During the Friday, October 22nd Joint Governance meeting, UW System will present a salary/compensation presentation that will recap how salary ranges were determined, how to understand the salary ranges, and how the salary ranges are being implemented. In the weeks to come, some handouts should be available for review. Additionally, in November, UW System will hold town halls for all employees with recordings to be available. Watch for more communication specific to this topic in October/early November!

Employee-Manager Conversations

All managers were expected to finalize initial employee-manager conversations by October 8, 2021. If you believe your manager has not had the initial conversation with you, please contact your supervisor’s supervisor to discuss your concern.

Job Code Updates

All job codes are changing even for jobs, such as Faculty, that are outside of the scope TTC mapping. The job code changes are to support job code numeric and formatting consistency.

Mapping/Titling Appeals

If you are thinking about appealing, use the UWSP Appeals Workflow, Instructions, and Formal Appeal Form to determine whether to appeal and next steps. The UWSP TTC Appeals Committee will be receiving training to conduct appeals within the coming months.

If you are University Staff, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) non-exempt/hourly, and you believe you should be mapped to a title that is listed as FLSA exempt, use the below information to determine your next steps. Remember: TTC Mappings were identified in accordance with your current FLSA status.
  1. First, understand why you are currently FLSA non-exempt. There are two reasons which may apply: a) salary threshold and/or b) duties. Review the “Fair Labor Standards Act Exemption Status” section resources on the Time, Absence, and Earnings page.
  2. Second, if you are non-exempt now and believe based on your duties that you are truly FLSA exempt, this situation, although connected, does not fall within the TTC appeals process. Thus, your request for review falls outside of TTC. You are responsible for providing proof that your duties are exempt to Human Resources. Appropriate evidence includes detailed documentation of duties (including percentages), decisions you make independently, policies to which you can grant exceptions, and problems you solve. Additional documentation may be requested/required.
If you are not sure whether you want to or should appeal, you are encouraged to appeal. If you have questions, contact us at hr@uwsp.edu or x2606.

Additional October Update

Title Changes Coming Soon. On November 7, academic staff, university staff, and limited appointees will have updated job titles and new standard descriptions as a result of the Title and Total Compensation (TTC) Project. Employees will receive a title change notification email in November that will confirm job title, business title, exemption status (hourly or salaried), and salary grade.

Salary Ranges Available November 1. Updated salary ranges will be available for employees to view on the Title and Total Compensation Project website on November 1.

Salary Structure Town Hall Meetings in November. UW System is hosting a Salary Structure Town Hall Meeting on November 9 and November 18 for employees to learn more about the salary structure. The Town Hall meeting will cover: How UW System’s salary structure was built; How jobs fit into the salary structure; How the salary structure will be maintained; Answer commonly asked questions about employee pay.
•    If you would like to review information prior to the town hall meetings, please review the TTC Salary Structure Education October 2021 presentation slides from the October 22nd Joint Governance meeting.

Formal Job Title Mapping Appeals Opens November 22, 2021 (or as soon as the staff member receives their notification email from UWS).
Employees who want to submit a formal title appeal should use the UWSP Appeals Workflow, Instructions, and Formal Appeal Form. The title appeal filing period opens November 22, 2021 (or as soon as a staff member receives their title confirmation email, whichever date is earlier) and closes December 31, 2021. Title appeal forms will be reviewed and processed between January and May 2022.


​​ ​

November 2021

Employees who have a mapped title within the Title and Total Compensation project will receive their "updated" UWS title confirmation during the week of November 8, 2021. The confirmation will be from the following email: UWSystemHR@uwss.wisconsin.edu and will have the subject line: TTC Job Title Change Confirmation.

A couple of items to keep in mind as you review your letter:
  • The letter is to support the mapping/titling phase. In the coming months, we move into the “C” part of the Title and Total Compensation project. UWS Town Halls in November regarding Compensation.
  • UWSP and UWS have strived to keep up to date with changes based on informal appeals. If your letter does not match what you thought it would be, please first speak with your manager to discuss and contact Human Resources as needed
This continues to be an iterative and interactive process. Your title may/could change due to the following reasons:
  1. You disagree with your mapping as listed in the letter. If this is the case, again, speak with your manager as a first step, per the above note about updates. Formally appeal if/as needed. Use the UWSP Appeals Workflow, Instructions, and Formal Appeal Form to do so.
  2. Your role/duties change in the future. Since the title you are currently in is based on current duties, if in the future there is a need to change your role/duties, your supervisor will request a review of the position prior to the change in duties. As/if appropriate, a title change would occur.
  3. Through continued audit and discussions by UWSP HR and UWS to ensure correct titling and parity, changes may occur. If this occurs, you will receive communication from UWS or UWSP HR notifying you of a change and the interactive process for your review/feedback.

December 2021

TTC Title Appeals Extension to February 4, 2022
Based on feedback from our partners in joint governance, UW System has extended the title appeals filing period to Friday, February 4th. This will allow additional time for employees to review concerns and file title appeals if needed. This change in deadline can be accommodated without shifting the timeline for resolving appeals beyond the end of the current fiscal year.

UWSP Appeals Workflow, Instructions, and Formal Appeal Form

TTC Appeals Panel Training
UW System will also be providing the various System Appeals Panels virtual training in the weeks ahead.  This ensures the greatest consistency across the System from these panelists.

Career Progression and Compensation
Work continues on this complex topic throughout the UW System and among each of the comprehensive universities.  UWSP is also constructing our strategies and framework for consideration.