Title and Total Compensation Study

Employee Benefits - What's in it For You!

In addition to the objectives, the study will benefit employees directly in a number of ways. As of August 2017, the study is working on the following benefits:

Standardized Position Descriptions:

Position descriptions are not meant to be a comprehensive list of duties, tasks, and responsibilities. Too specific position descriptions become quickly outdated. Instead, an effective position description outlines the major responsibilities of the position.

Standardizing position descriptions within UWS will allow employees to:

  • Respond or create changes quickly to improve efficiency and effectiveness within their day to day work
  • Increase their ability to cross-train, make decisions, and help unit members complete tasks
  • Make connections to other positions within their field or a related field to determine a career path
Ladder and Lattice-based Career Paths:

Positions within UWSP and the UW System (UWS) will have career paths that are ladder and lattice based, allowing employees to:
  • Create an individualized career path within UWSP and/or UWS
  • Strive and develop towards a people management role or another opportunity that better aligns with their aspirations (not everyone wants to be a people manager)
  • Explore and work towards opportunities within their field or a related field