Title and Total Compensation (TTC) Project

The University of Wisconsin [System] is embarking on a complete redesign of its current titling and compensation structure. A three-year project, the goal of the study is to modernize the existing title and compensation programs which will, in turn, attract and retain the best talent for the organization.

Note: The project was previously named the Title and Total Compensation Study. The name was updated to reflect the updated status of the project in early 2019 as pieces are started to be implemented.

Title and Total Compensation Project Overview

The Title and Total Compensation Project Objectives:
  • Develop a clearer and more competitive job title and compensation structures
  • Ensure job titles accurately reflect duties and responsibilities
  • Provide sustainable methods to maintain market-informed title and compensation structures
  • Build in career progression where it makes sense
  • Include job titles and compensation structures for academic, university, and limited staff
  • Review compensation for graduate students
  • Enhance recruitment and retention
It covers three areas:
  • Job titles, compensation structures, and related labor market data for Academic, Limited, and University Staff;
    • This study focuses on positions, not the individuals within the positions.
  • Employee benefits structures for Faculty and all staff (except state-administered programs that include retirement and health insurance); and
  • Employee-leave programs for Faculty and all staff.
This is NOT:
  • An equity analysis of individuals
  • A staffing adjustment or reduction in employees and the project teams will not recommend organizational changes or layoffs
  • A pay plan

The project enables us to have a more accurate picture of how jobs and titles align with the market and support strategic planning. Market deficiencies will be reviewed and addressed over time. Individual base salaries for current employees will not be reduced as a result of the study.

UW-Stevens Point TTC Project Team:

  • Tom Bertram, Administrative HR Assistant
  • Nerissa Nelson, Common Council Chair; Faculty Representative
  • Troy Espe, Faculty Representative
  • Katie Jore, Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs
  • Lisa Nelson, Payroll & Benefits Specialist; University Staff Representative
  • Sondra Reynolds, Director of Clinical Services & Undergrad Program Coordinator; Academic Staff Representative
  • Eric Roesler, Principal Human Resources Officer
  • Lisa Schaufenbuel, Associate Director of Human Resources
  • Diane Weiler, HR Business Partner, Lead



Lisa Schaufenbuel

Eric Roesler


Any primary UWSP TTC Project Team member.