​UW-Stevens Point Health Scholars Program: Overview

Health Scholars Program
The Health Scholars Program is a two-year program–and lifetime designation–that promotes the growth and development of scholars in the pursuit of their given health care field. Students will receive a $1,000 scholarship for each year in the program, while also maintaining the eligibility requirements and meeting the expectations of the program.

Year #1 in the program will be in collaboration with the Marshfield Clinic Health System Community Connections Team. The Community Connections Team aims to keep patients well beyond the walls of a health care facility. Students will work with patients to connect them to resources according to their needs. While assisting patients in this unique realm, scholars will also engage with mentors in training and discussions in social determinants of health along with developing a greater understanding of health care inequities.  

Students will be able to continue to grow with the Community Connections Team beyond the first year of the program and possibly expand into other programs the team offers to the community (free clinics, public health initiatives, etc.). Year #2 of the program will focus on the development of career-specific skills and research opportunities.  In this year, scholars will develop insight and direct mentor relationships with professionals in the School of Health Sciences and Wellness and conduct research and present that research at various symposiums and/or conferences. This direct research experience will allow students to gain perspective and understanding of rural health care needs and what research is currently being explored to address these needs.

Throughout this program, students will receive career-specific advising support and assistance with preparation and pursuits of advanced graduate, professional, or continued education opportunities. To facilitate this opportunity students will register for a special section of HS 399: Special Topics in Health Care (1 credit) each semester in the program.

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