Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT): Admissions Requirements

DPT Program
The DPT program engages in holistic admissions and we value students who bring more than a strong academic record to the program. Admissions are competitive and are based on:
  • Completion of an undergraduate degree by the time the applicant enrolls in the program
  • Completion of all prerequisite coursework*
  • Cumulative undergraduate GPA and cumulative pre-requisite GPA of 3.0 or better
  • Intentionality in the desire to enter physical therapy as a career
  • Evidence of leadership aptitude, a well-rounded academic preparation, adaptability, and results orientation
  • Evidence of strong oral and written communication skills
  • Minimum GRE Score of:
    • Quantitative and Verbal GRE of 148 or better;
    • Minimum written GRE of 3.0
* No more than 2 pre-requisite courses outstanding at the time of application.

Applicants who do not meet the above requirements, but believe they have alternative evidence to demonstrate academic readiness may complete this survey.

Transfer Information

If you are applying from within the University of Wisconsin System, you should refer to the Transferology to evaluate courses for a fit with UWSP prerequisites. Watch these introductory how-to videos to learn more.


The following are the required prerequisite courses (courses presented in semester credit hours or equivalent; UWSP course equivalents are listed here). All applicants, regardless of major must demonstrate these courses on their transcripts.

Visit the Course Catalog for full details of courses below.

General Chemistry – 2 semesters with a lab

  • CHEM 105 – Fundamental Chemistry, 5 credits
  • CHEM 106 – Fundamental Chemistry, 5 credits
    • Organic chemistry or biochemistry are not substituted for the General Chemistry course

Physics – 2 semesters with a lab

  • PHYS 203 – College Physics I, 5 credits
  • PHYS 204 – College Physics II, 5 credits

Animal Biology – 1 semester with a lab

  • BIO 101 – General Biology, 5 credits
  • BIOL 110 and BIOL 111 Sequence – Principles of Biology I, II, 5 credits
  • BIOL 160 – Introduction to Animal Biology, 5 credits
    • Microbiology or plant-based biology courses will not be substituted for the Animal Biology course

Human Anatomy

  • BIOL 287 – Essentials of Human Anatomy, 4 credits
  • BIOL 387 – Human Anatomy, 4 credits

Human Physiology

  • BIOL 385 – Human Physiology, 4 credits
    • Students may take a separate anatomy course and physiology course OR may take a 2 semester A & P I and II course

Introduction to Statistics

  • HS 301 – Fundamentals of Biostatistics, 3 credits
  • MATH 255 – Elementary Statistical Methods, 3 credits
  • PSYCH 300 – Statistics for Psychologists, 4 credits

Introduction to Psychology

  • PSYCH 110 – Introduction to Psychology (SS), 3 credits
    • Abnormal or developmental psychology is not substituted for an introductory course

Note: Students may use AP courses that satisfy the requirements for any of the pre-requisite courses, however Pre-Requisite GPA will not be calculated using those credits. 

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